lost important email saved on my opera emails dated from januray of 2011 to feburay 2014

  • were are my email from januray of 2011 to feburay of 2 2014 i had some vital information saved on my emails and i need to retrieve them can you tell me how

  • Better play with hands down, what do you offer in compromise? Something like: I have an e-mail account at fastmail.fm ( http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/FastMail.FM ) and I want to import some pesonal (archived) data from mail.opera.com and I want to act in accordance with my current data account which previously was at my.opera.com owned by Opera ASA without TOS or access to information (bite me if I know what it means) implications. Well, that sounds like a Australian joke so let's hope that will provoke a response without joking around.

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