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Opera Mail can't attachment Chinese file name.

  • Hi sir,

    I try the Opera Mail,

    But Opera Mail can't attachment Chinese file name,

    If attachment Chinese file name,

    The attachment file name will be changed to "UTF-8.dat"

    How can I do??

    I want to attachment Chinese file name...



  • I don't use Opera mail myself, but am only trying to rule out obvious causes: can you use Chinese (hanzi I guess?) filenames in other programs besides Opera? Trying to rule out the option that it could be the OS having issues here.

  • Example file name?

    What locale are you using in your OS?

    What locale in Opera?

    What OS specifically?

    You could attach the file in both Thunderbird and Opera and send the messages to yourself. Then, you can compare the source of each to see what the name= and filename*= values in the Content-Type and Content-Disposition headers for the attach are.

    That might at least show you want Opera is doing wrong.

    Also, how long is the filename? Try with just 1 or 2 Chinese characters.

    Does it change to "UTF-8.dat" in the attachment section of the compose window before you actually send the message? Or, is it only after the message is sent? If the latter, are you viewing the message you receive (after sending the message to yourself for example) in Opera or another client?

    How can I do??

    You might have to switch your system locale for some reason.

  • Hi sir,

    I Have two problem,

    1. Can't attachment Chinese file name,
      a. OS: Windows 7 pro sp1 Chinese T
      b. On the vessel
      c. Windows 7 pro sp1 Chinese T + OPERA MAIL
      d. only two word Chinese file name..

    I will try to send Chinese attachment file name to myself.

    1. Can't receive Chinese email it will garbled.
      a. OS : Windows XP sp3 English.
      b. on the vessel.
      c. windows xp embedded + OPERA MAIL
      d. The vessel can send out Chinese email,I can receive this Chinese email.
      e. I try to send email from MS Outlook send Chinese email to the vessel, But the vessel can receive garbled
      f. I just switch location in TAIWAN

    Thanks for your help.

  • I can send TEST email to you,

  • I can send TEST email to you,

    Ok. Send to my email. It's shadow2531+weirun and is at gmail.

  • Close. The '+' is literal, so include that. But, don't post the email address here.