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Change search engine in speed dial

  • How can I change the search engine that is in the speed dial section? I know there is a preference setting for search engines, but it does not affect the search in speed dial.

    Opera now forces me to use "Baidu" which naturally returns all searches in simplified chinese. Sadly, I'm in sweden and have some issues with this. Apparently opera forces a search engine at install based on a hidden geo location service used, a service which apparently is quite wacky. While this implementation is less then clever, I'd be happy if I at least could change the search box in speed dial now.

  • I /just/ learned this about this option myself, but please keep in mind that I'm using Windows and not a Mac. However, it would seem odd to me if this wouldn't work on a Mac (considering that no 'special' keys are involved). Also: to my knowledge you can only disable the search engine and not so much change it. However: that information is based on an older thread (2014), so it is possible that they allow for more tweaking in the mean time.

    The solution: You'll need to enable "Power User Mode". This will show you even more options in the settings which you can use. However, care is required since some of these options could disrupt some settings (once again: so I've read).

    This is how you do it: go to your settings screen, then use:

    • Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right b a

    (so cursor keys followed by b and a)

    I tried this on Windows (Opera 29) and it did trigger this mode. However, I didn't follow up on it (yet) because I've only been using Opera for one day 🙂

    Hope this can help you!

  • Thanks, following the instruction I could access the setting "Disable search field in speed dial" and it does indeed work on mac too.

    However, I do like having a separate search field and would prefer to keep it - I just wants to change it from baidu to something a little more useful.

  • I created a custom search engine (string) in Preferences invoked with a hotkey. Now from the address bar I type the hotkey plus the search terms, and the search is performed when I hit the ENTER key. I chose the hotkey 'f' . I couldn't use 'g' as that has already been taken by Opera.

    Here is the search string I am using for the English (American) version of Google.,cr&fg=1?q=%s&num=%i#q=%s

    My work computer defaults to the Brasilian version of Google unless I use the 'f' hotkey from the address bar. If I use the 'g' hotkey I get a Brasilian Google search.

    If you don't want to use Google, there are other search strings that will work. You might get them to work by right-clicking on the search bar of your chosen Search Engine and choosing "Create Search Engine..", but that didn't work correctly for me for changing versions of Google.