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strange behaviour when deleting text: opera replaces new text with deleted...

  • When I type "dog mouse" in any search or text box (like this here), amazon for example, and I want to change my search by deleting the word "mouse" (using backspace) and then starting to write the word "cat" instead, the following happens:
    the word "dog" (!) disappears, instead of this, the just deleted word "mouse" replaced it and the first new letters of the word "cat" will be typed without the space right after the first word.
    So it looks like that: "mousecat" instead of "dog cat".
    If I delete the first word "dog" (to replace it with "cat") without deleting the space between the words, it will be replaced immediately with itself and the new letters follow without the space...
    So, instead "cat mouse" it will be "dogcat mouse"

    So it is impossible to change/correct words or letters without repairing it after that again...
    Really strange...

    What I find out for myself:
    It only happens, when I don't delete the space betwen the words.
    It doesn't happen when I switch off text recognition in android/samsung settings.
    It never happens whith stock browser.

    Ok, I can force myself to delete the space between the words and directly retype it (and after that the new word), but that's to strange for me. I never do so on any browser or software on any platform.

    btw.: it happens a few times while typing and changing this text...

    Am I the only one with this problem?

  • LOL! Happened with me as well! Good luck! Android 4.4.2.

  • It's 4.1.2
    And stock browser doesn't have the problems...

    So it's 90% opera, and 10% android. :awww:

  • I have a kinda similar/different issue with a word duplicating itself as you try to edit it but I'm not sure Opera 29 is affected. It probably is though.

  • Yep, present in Opera 29... It isn't going to fix itself.

    Reported as ANDEX-23555.

  • Thanks @riemie2, @nothing-to-lose, @rafaelluik and other reporters. We've been able to reproduce this on some devices internally so the guys will get to that bug soon enough. As usual all these reports without curses and occurrences of the words "stupid", "lazy" and "morons" are greatly appreciated 🙂
    We'd never be able to catch and fix all these device specific bugs without your help and hints on how to reproduce!

  • Thank you! 🙂

    I wish I could give you more exact steps but it's kinda random and when it happens it's so fast that I don't notice exactly what triggered it, for example I don't know if specific letters are more prone to this, but it's nice you could reproduce internally. Let's be patient now. 🆙 :love:

  • Good news!
    For me, in opera 30 beta the problem seems to be fixed :party:

  • I still have the issue I reported in Opera 30. When editing a word or even "backspacing" it from its last character the duplication fest still happens sometimes.