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Uninstalled Opera 29 for overheating my Macs

  • I have tried Chrome, Aviator, and Opera 28, then updated to 29 but recently decided to uninstall and reluctantly crawl back to Safari as the only browser installed on my Mac. Every chromium browser I have tried has some detestable need to overheat my Macs. I usually will note the fans revving up, glance up at my iStat Menus and see temps at 200℉ or higher. I never see Safari go over about 140℉, it is 121℉ now. Somewhere down the line I will try Opera again but so log for now.

  • strange, what's your mac specs?

  • I have an early 2011 17" MacBook Pro, 2.2 GHz Core i7 with 8G of Ram and a mid-2011 13" MacBook Air 1.8 GHzCore i7 with 4G of Ram.

  • I have a late 2011 MacBook Pro with similar specs. The main thing that revs up my fans is when I use the thunderbolt port to display the laptop on a monitor or HD TV. I have a laptop stand with fans to help cool it down. Never heard of Opera doing this. Perhaps you should consider getting a fan for your laptop as 2011 MacBook Pro's are well documented by users for overheating and burning out the GPU.

  • I use the thunderbolt port for an OWC Thunderbolt 2 Dock which has my display, firewire external hard drive, and external audio amp hooked up to. I also have an USB bluetooth dongle hooked to one of the MacBook USB ports. Parallels 10 and any chromium based browser sends my temps above 200℉. When I use Safari the numbers stay 140℉ or less, so I think there is a background app or process at play in the chromium code. I would like to track it down because Safari is not my favorite browser but I would rather use that than overheat my laptop.

  • I have been doing a little Googling and found others with Google Chrome reporting heating issues. It seems like it might be an issue with the number of open tabs and how that is handled by the browser. I use several bookmark folders which I open in tabs and I remember this being one of the times my MacBook overheated while using Opera; it cooled off as the tabs were closed. I just opened one of those folders with Safari and the temp jumped up to 153℉ before dropping back to 143℉. I don't know if there is a cure other than not using tabbed browsing or not, but I do like using multiple tabs so the next page is loaded when I close the one I'm on.

  • After viewing the forum concerning the tabs issue causing overheating in Chrome, I decided to try Opera again. I noticed a setting I had not seen before to "Delay loading of background tabs" so I checked that. I also changed my bookmarks to reduce the number of folders which I use tabs for to just one with only 6 bookmarks in it. I am happy to report that I only saw my temperature rise to 163℉ and my MacBook Pro did not sound like a plane getting ready for take-off.

  • As a followup in my return to Opera, I have noticed an issue where my temps rise while using I noticed the fans coming on and saw the temp was up to 193℉. Safari also raises the temp on facebook, but only into the 160℉ - 170℉ range. I don't have explanation as to the difference. Safari does seem to run 20℉ to 30℉ cooler across the board than Opera. In an effort to streamline Opera, I only have added two extensions instead of the six I used to use. I have reduced my "open all" usage to one folder and the temps have been much cooler than my previous experience.

  • Just did a Google search and the next thing I know my temps are up to 196℉. I am back to Safari, can't be treating my Macs to this heat on purpose when Safari does not do this.

  • I have been hoping to find a solution to the "heating issue" I have with Opera and other chromium based browsers but have not seen any "hints." iCab, Safari, and Firefox do not act this way on my Macs. Do other people just let their Macs heat up and fans run full speed and live with it? I can only assume they do since both of my MacBooks react the same. If it was only one I would suspect another cause but it always seems to be when using a chromium based browser. Now that I have downloaded and installed Firefox I think I have found browser nirvanna.