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Close search‑in‑page box automatically on page‑backward

  • Say one browsed to a page, then pressed Ctrl‑F to search for something in the page. Say after multiple Ctrl‑G or not, the user now press Alt‑Left: Alt‑Left does not work, seemingly due to the search-in-page box being opened and the user has to press escape before then do Alt‑Left.

    As Alt‑Left has no meaning for the search‑in‑page box, and as it is a common short‑cut, it could either pass it to the page which could go backward or the search box could close itself, if ever something make it not possible or not suitable for the page to go backward whenever a search box is opened. The latter may be better in my opinion, as this would prevent to keep the search‑in‑page box opened on a page (after a page-backward) for which it was not opened.

    The same could apply on page‑forward (this is just that I feel page‑backward is more common).

  • Not only Alt+Left doesn't work, but mouse back button does not work either. Very annoying actually.
    Back gesture (rclick - lclick) does work however, but I haven't got used to it, having back button on mouse available 🙂