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Facebook profile pictures not loading

  • Three weeks ago, facebook profile pictures started not loading for me. About a day later it suddenly worked, but since about a week the problem has returned. I use opera 12.16 for a Mac. If I close opera and open it again, it works again, but only temporary. Does anybody else have that problem?

  • Opera 12 is no longer supported. That means websites will stop working with it.

    Please update to Opera 20 from the Opera website.

  • As far as I know there are still some features that are missing from Opera 20 that I use regularly while browsing. One good support for Bookmarks; I know there is a bookmark bar, but bookmarks are for me not for websites I use daily, but rather websites where I needed to keep the address, that were hard to find using a search engine, but that I do need to visit occasionally. As such I have about 100 bookmarks, all organized, and I don't know if how these would appear on a bar. The second one is the drop down arrow in the address bar. I use the address bar as a kind of second set of speed dial, for sites that I often visit, but not as often as the speed dial sites. I use that drop down arrow very regularly, and if I cannot access those sites by using a mouse that would be very annoying. So I wait until Opera has a solution for those features until I update.

  • Now I can't log in to facebook at all! Or at least it is very very slow. Argh

  • Now I can't log in to facebook at all! Or at least it is very very slow. Argh
    I don't know if that's a problem everyone on 12.x is experiencing, but anyway you already know the answer...

    You have the choice of testing Opera 20+.

    The bookmarks will have to be imported and sorted. They'll appear in the bar, as expected, it can contain folders and sub-folders. Another option is using the Speed Dial to store your links (Stash if you don't need manual sorting nor folders).

    For your use case I think that the solution for your dependence on the address field drop-down arrow is to add these sites to the Speed Dial (you could make a Speed Dial folder at the top-right of the Speed Dial for example).

    You are also free to test other browsers... But I believe that if you like Opera's features 20+ is still the one that will make you feel most "at home".

  • I still on 11.60 and works fine in Facebook.

  • I'm facing the same problem, Facebook isn't working anymore at all and the new Opera 20+ is a nightmare concerning bookmarks. I don't want my 345 booksmark in the speed dial window, I don't want them in root folders in the bookmark bar. I want the old bookmark system back, because that was really nice for finding stuff.

    If there is a way to teach Opera 22 a) how to import my bookmarks in a way that I don't have to sort through them all again and b) display them in an easy to use way, I might be convinced to use O22. This way, I'm switching to Firefox or Chromium, because the new Opera is blergh.

  • Same problem not pic add profile

  • Try switching to the mobile version of Facebook. Replace 'www' in the URL with 'm'.
    I'm sticking with Opera 12.16 for as long as possible and then moving to Firefox as I don't like the way Opera has changed.

  • I have to say that I am loyal Opera for many years and especially justification Solutions The favorite bookmarks of web browsers. In my opinion, the new version of Opera offers quite the contrary, probably the worst solution!

    I'm sorry, maybe I'll cry, but I'm leaving ...

  • I couldn't open pictures in Opera Facebook so after reading the above I used the mobile webpage "m" instead of "www" and it worked, then the next time I used the "www" it worked fine!

  • I'd rather ditch Facebook, then upgrade to new Opera...

  • How do I get all of my twitter pictures to load up? I've synched my account and not profile pictures are showing in my profile. If anyone has any help I would really appreciate it!

    Best Regards

  • If you don't want to move on to Opera 23+ right now, here are a few suggestions:

    Specially go to your profile path and remove opuntrust.dat from there. It may have something to do with previously denied certificates. Or you can backup your Speed Dial, bookmarks, etc, then try a clean install (uninstall Opera removing user data and install it again).