Opera 27 & 29 no sound on lightningmaps.org. Opera 24 had sound.

  • Hello
    On "http://www.lightningmaps.org" there is a loudspeaker icon on top of the map where you can turn on a clicking sound for the lightnings. The icon turns blue but there's no sound. This worked before.

    I looked at windows audio mixer and Opera's volume slider was not there. However if I play a youtube video it shows up in the mixer but still no sound from lightningmaps.org.

    Is there a missing plug-in or??

    Any tip appreciated

  • I'm using Opera 30 and it works for me. Can someone on 27 or 29 confirm?

  • Thanks Lando for response.

    I could add that it does not work on Opera 27 on my laptop either.

    Both the desktop and the laptop has windows 7 and if I use Internet Explorer it works on both computers.

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