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micro lag or pauses on lollipop version 29

  • @dd323 you're talking about non GP download I take it? This link should always give you the latest beta

    Alas when I just tried it... it seemed it had not been updated. There's a 30 Beta out but this link was still pointing to the 29 beta. I'll look into it tomorrow and will post here again.

  • hi, emoller

    You mentioned that the link you provided had not been updated to the beta for version 30. Thinking that the Google Play Store link might not have been updated either, I installed Opera beta from Google Play. It appears to install Opera 29 final. Both the final version and the version called beta are version 29.0.1809.92117. Tile Compression is set to Default in the beta version. The logo is white and labelled Opera Beta, but it appears to be the final version.

    Anyway, it appears my request to you was mistaken. I reread the post from operamilleson above. I now realize what perhaps should have been obvious. The betas of version 29 would all have had Tile Compression implemented. So there's no point in my trying to revert to a beta version of Opera 29 to escape any settings that might account for the remaining problems I'm having. Please forget my request for a download location. Sorry to have wasted your time.

  • Hi, emoller

    This is for Opera's information.

    Further to my last post, and for no reason I know, the last beta for Opera 29 works very well, without any of the problems that the final version of Opera 29 has. This is true even with Tile Compression set to Default, therefore enabled. Pages load quickly, including from the cache, no delays at all.

    This could be simply an installation problem, even though I uninstalled and reinstalled the final version a couple of times. But I'm going to retain the beta version and uninstall the final version. Even though they both have exactly the same build no.

    Hopefully Opera can figure this out before they issue the next final version.

  • Sorry for the delay, i have nexus 5, i believe my issue was related to the kernel or gpu drives, the update helped,i read others may have this issue with google chrome

    Google released android m devopers preview so i tested that and it works well.
    So i reflashed my phone back with 5.1.1 and all is working well.

  • I still have those freezings in Opera 30.

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