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How do I get rid of that black bottom bar on speeddial?

  • Hi there,

    I don't know why they would do this, but the Opera developers really screwed the speeddial up with the last update.
    Does anyone know how to get rid of that black bar at the bottom? It's such a waste of space compared to the version before. Now I got a useless darkblue bar at the top of speeddial and the relevant links like Bookmarks and History are put to the bottom so that the bottom of the speeddial is also covered in a useless bar.
    Why?! It was perfect before they laid a finger on it.
    Now my speeddial page is cramped from both directions and besides, the devs changed the size of the folders although it was perfectly fine.
    Prior to the update, I had five columns and four rows, now I'm forced to zoom heavily in on the folders, which makes them look really ugly (especially extensions for email etc.), besides now more than half of the bottom row isn't visible.
    I could zoom out, but to actually make the folders look properly again, I'm forced to use a setup with seven columns and four rows of which the last one is almost completely empty.
    Then again, zooming in to make only three rows visible doesn't work either. Because then the third row is covered in that stupid &%&/&§%$ bottom row.

    Before that 29 update the Speeddial worked just fine and didn't need any improvement/modification. Now it's annoying, counter-intuitive and indistinct every time I want to use the speeddial. I was using the Speeddial a lot but if they don't fix this quickly it's basically unusable...

    Why tamper with something that worked great and without any flaws? Why not at least give users the possibility to edit they key values of their speeddial as they wish (like it was back in the days)?

  • The thought with it was to make it easier to have one navigation bar between multiple pages. Previously, the buttons that were there (speed dial, stash, discover), were only adapted for just speed dial. When they wanted to add more pages, they had to make a more unified navigation bar.