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Opera mini 9 beta 2 for Android

  • Hi all,

    Today, we released another beta of Opera Mini 9 for Android. In the previous beta, we started syncing open tabs and now we also sync your devices’ Speed Dials. You can now easily get access to your Speed Dials on other phones or computers from the start page. Tap the synced Speed Dials icon in the bottom bar.

    We also made it easier to see the title of a web page by displaying it inside the combined address and search bar. If you want to see the page address, just tap the bar and the URL will be shown.

    As always, thank you for being a part of our beta testing. Please leave a comment with any feedback you have for us.

    You can get the Opera Mini for Android beta here:


  • Ok will try...
    I have reported a bug already

    Font gets too much big when bitmap for complex scripts and single column view both enabled simultaneously...

    Please. Solve this

  • Top notch features are back: sync speed dials and page title.

    Thanks, I'll try that later.

  • oke i will try this, thanks you so much

  • I would like to try this beta, but unfortunately it won't install in my CM 12.1 (lollipop 5.1.1). 😞
    Opera team please help me.

  • By the way, the version 8 (stable) install just fine.

  • Now i will give you the best idea for Opera Mini for the milions users

    since you have now second generation Opera Turbo and is more compatible for all pages you should make it Opera Mini to be Turbo by default with option to change it to Off-Road mode


    for the people who doesn't know the difference new Turbo is more compatible with html5 elements but save less
    example Turbo saves 60-70% Off-Road saves 80-90 % but Turbo is compatible with all pages so it will be perfect for all your needs and wishes.

  • from what I know Turbo require rendering engine which Opera Mini never had.

    That's why you got Turbo on Opera Mobile.

  • oops, double post. I post from Opera Mini 8.

  • I can copy&sync all bookmarks from Opera Link to another account using Opera Mobile, it supposed to work in this way?

  • another account like "Opera Account"? so that's the way to migrate the Opera Link data?

  • Could be the same methinks.

  • Very nice update,the webpage feature works great,very happy to have speed dial sync back,opera mini beta working very well on my galaxy pocket neo,thx for all tbe hard work opera mini team:)

  • Tab sync and speed dial sync work flawlessly.

  • I'm on a tablet with internal memory running low and the pages on all tabs keep reloading. It must be caused by the cached pages failed to save.

    I wish that Opera Mini use external memory to save the cached and saved pages instead.

  • In the standard of SNS login screen in Japan, you do not press the login button collapses layout. twotter, it is forced to mobile screen in facebook but can not log in collapse layout other than SNS that require a lot of login.

  • i launch RSS reader.

    1. sort by article.
    2. TAP on speed dial
    3. launch RSS reader.
      and then i see that article aren't marked AS read. when this will be fixed? i wrote tousand times in bug reports. reply.