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  • In Opera beta for Android, version 29.0.1809.91837, I have an issue with the text wrap feature. When the function is on, it actually makes the text smaller. This leads to that if I didn't have had this feature on, I perhaps didn't have to zoom at all.

    Example with the page <>:

    This is with the feature off: !( I don't even have to zoom in order to read it.

    This is with the feature on: !( Now I have to zoom to read it, very unnecessary.

    Can someone confirm this?

  • Yes, I can confirm this. What you're seeing are two different approaches to making text readable. When text-wrap is not enabled the font auto size implementation is enabled. Just like text-wrap it changes the content of a non-mobile-optimised page to make it more readable. Both implementations have their pros and cons, though at Opera we believe the text-wrap implementation gets it right more often than the font auto size. Text wrap also allows you to zoom arbitrary... if the font auto size doesn't get it right you're stuck with a page where you have to zoom and pan to read.

    If you still prefer font auto size you can always go into settings and disable text wrap.

  • Sorry for the bad post, it had to be confirmed by a mod and now I can't edit it (and I don't like the preview function when creating a new thread, but when you comment on an existing thread it's much better though).

    Anyway, is it possible to in some way combine these features (auto size and test-wrap)?

  • just to add and if is possible to in some way combine these features (auto size and test-wrap).. must be auto size or is better to make option to choose the size because the different screen size and by user how much is comfortable to read?

  • This is definitely areas where we'd like to continue to make improvements, unfortunately there's no right way to do it. It always comes down to heuristics and on one page or the other they break down. I'll see if I can get one of our our in-house experts on text-wrap to join the thread and give their views on the pros and cons and what may be done.

  • Thank you very much!