Opera 29 won't start - cannot solve the issue

  • Hello.

    I made a factory backup for my Lenovo laptop: Windows 7 HE.
    After reinstall I downloaded opera, but after installation I am not able to start it.
    At very beginning ( just after format) I was able to run it by " run as administrator". However right now I am not even able to start it once.
    It seems like opera is trying to start becuase opera.exe is appearing in task manager, but only for a very second and then dissapers.
    With Chrome and firefox I cannot have such issue.
    I tried to reinstall it many times, but no success at all.

    Do you know what it may been?
    This issue is freakin' annoying.

  • Open your event viewer and see if there are any error messages regarding Opera.

  • Also I found out that in SAFE MODE Opera opens smoothly.

  • Also I found out that in SAFE MODE Opera opens smoothly.

    Not a good sign. Safe Mode disables many things from starting. If its working fine in Safe Mode that generally means you've got something running in normal mode that is causing problems; like malware.

    Anyway, what did the event viewer say?

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