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How does one export bookmarks?

  • Hello :
    According to the help blurb, I go to settings and choose Import or Export.
    In Opera 29 there is only an import option.
    How do I export my book marks?
    Regards : HDWW2

  • Whenever reading a help document but sure to note which version of Opera it is for. Unless it states its for version 15 or grater that means its for a much older version of Opera.

    Currently Opera does not have a built in exporter. If you want to export the bookmarks to another version of Opera you can use the Sync feature or simply copy the bookmarks file and paste it into the same location in the other Opera install. If you want to export to another web browser you will need to use an extension like 'Bookmarks Import & Export'. You can find that in the Opera extensions store.

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