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  • Recently has changed the way it displays my pictures. And a pop up appears recommending other browsers.
    Is there a way I can tweak things to be able to see my pictures properly?

    I'm using Opera the 12.17. Help Check for Updates says it's the latest version.

  • Opera 29 is the latest version. Versions after Opera 12.17 are based on a completely different program and it was a very big change. The Dev team knew many users would not be a fan of the changes made so they didn't force the update on people using the older version. That said, Opera 12 development has ended and you wont see any updates to it anymore.

    You can give Opera 29 a try but just remember its not only a different program but a different philosophy about how to make a web browser compared to Opera 12. So don't go in expecting it to look and feel like the old Opera or do everything the old Opera did. Just a heads up.

  • I've been believing it when its says I have the latest version.
    I did try a beta of the new one last year, but the bookmarks panel was missing.

    Thanks I'll look for the new one. I hope they've improved it.

  • It is improved but, as I said, its very different. There is no bookmarks panel in version 29. If thats a make or break deal for you then you should wait around till version 30 goes live as it will have an extensions panel that allows for the viewing of bookmarks in it.

  • Thanks. Just installed 29 with the missing bookmark tree. I'm pleased that 30 might add some panel functionality. As I don't yet know how to navigate bookmarks easily. To browse through folders in 29 it seems you have to keep going back up, see what other folders are there. Go into one. And if its not right, go back up again all the time. Opera 12 has a tree. You can jump directly from folder to folder in one click. And drag stuff between them. And group items with separators. And all this in a side panel while the main page is still visible. I hope we get usability back.

  • I've just discovered it is possible to have the tree navigation back in the bookmarks page.
    Go here opera://flags/#trees-in-bookmarks

    Now we need the panels back. I hate this dumbed down Opera.

  • @ianp5a
    panel (sidebar) is active in developer and beta...when stable enters v30 (I think) it will be active by default too
    for now there is a flag in stable to enable it opera://flags/#extension-sidebar
    but you can't search for extensions on opera addons page...they are invisible to stable, only with direct link to particular extension