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  • I make considerable use of the label/filter function that was a major attraction of M2 in 'old' Opera. Whilst I successfully migrated some time ago to 'new' Opera plus Opera Mail, most/all of my filters no longer display messages from 2013 and 2014. Newer and older messages still appear. I have discovered that opening up 'Label Properties' and just clicking the 'Add a rule' button and closing the window seems to force some sort of update and messages for the missing years' reappear. Question (at last!): is there any way of forcing a global update of Labels as doing it 'label by label' is somewhat tedious? TIA, Peter

  • I have a work around for you tomorrow.

  • Hi

    See if you know where your file store ( hope you now how to fine in Opera directory )., look up this fie:

    Close Opera

    Now Open this file & search for ===> [Index Item Popup Menu]

    You will see in this section like below & it should be same as mine:

    [Index Item Popup Menu]
    Item, MI_IDM_NEW_MAIL_WINDOW=Compose mail
    Item, M_INDEX_ITEM_POPUP_MENU_MARK_ALL_READ=Mark all as read
    Item, M_INDEX_ITEM_POPUP_MENU_NEW_FILTER=New folder | New Folder ,, "union", SI_NEW_FOLDER_BUTTON_TEXT
    Item, MI_IDM_Delete=Delete
    Submenu, M_MAIL_ACCOUNT_SHOW_MESSAGES_FROM, Mail account menu
    Item, M_EXPORT=Export mail index

    Add this:

    Item, " PROPERTIES O-P-E-N" = Edit properties & delay, 400 & Close window & delay, 400 & Next item & Edit properties & delay, 400 & Close window & delay, 400 & Next item & Edit properties & delay, 400 & Close window & delay, 400 & Next item & Edit properties & delay, 400 & Close window

    Start Opera. Hope you will see this last item appear it when you right click during you are in the area on those labels at the side bar.

    This could help to let Opera refresh all these labels & mail will re-appear properly again without hidden.

    Let me know if this work initially.

    Thank you very much.

  • Hi

    Thanks for the reply - your interest is appreciated! However, I've been unable to find the [Index Item Popup Menu] item in any ini file. I can find the quoted items in the drop-down menu when in the Labels area when OperaMail is running but that's all. Can you be more specific please as to which file I should be looking for? My OperaMail is installed for multiple users and I can find an index.ini file in Users\Peter\AppData\Local\OperaMail\OperaMail\mail but it has nothing like an [Index Item Popup Menu] section in its contents.

    Can you describe what the extra item is intended to do, please. The right-click menu appears to apply on to an individual, selected, label.

    As a check that we are talking about the same version/platform, from 'About Opera Mail', Version 1.0; Build 1040; Platform Win32; System Windows 7.


  • I am sorry for I seems confusing you....................

    I was thinking your system using Opear older version ( v. 11.xx )

    My posted was against to Opera version older than v.11.xx.

    Seems it does not apply to the newer Opera also nor to the standalone Opera mail ( the new one )

    Sorry about that.