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  • SD is one of my favorite Opera features. But...

    • It needs to be lockable. My icons are continually removing or rearranging themselves. Maybe its because i have neuropathy and clumsy hands, but it still should be easily fixable.

    • The "open all" is way too easy to misclick, and accidently flood your desktop with 20 pages -- moving the menu option downn would at least make this less likely; ideally allow users to remove it.

    • Allow smaller icons -- much smaller ones

    • Allow nesting within icons.

    Thank you! If I missed a way to do anything listed now, please let me know.

  • The "open all" is way too easy to misclick,

    There are three settings in the right click menu for a speed dial. If you are gonna misclick an item its not gonna matter what item it is, theres only a 1 in 3 chance you'll hit the correct one regardless. While that misclick might be the item you intend I'll bet the other 2/3rd of the people wanted something else to happen. So changing it around is always gonna leave at least 1/3rd of users pissed off about it.

    Allow smaller icons -- much smaller ones

    You can zoom the page just like a webpage and it will save it.

    Allow nesting within icons.

    You're going to have to go into more detail about what you want.

  • The "open all" is way too easy to misclick
    -> Ideally the ability to remove the "open all" option then; I was trying to keep it simple.

    page zoom
    Thanks, I'll check it out. Hopefully it will let me have 40-50 icons top page

    nested icons
    example: I click on top icon "Recipes", which pops up five new icons labeled "pies", "cookies", "cakes", "steaks", and "salads". Clicking on "salads" gives me 3 more icons with a dozen links each

    Thanks for responding!

  • You have to right click and then click it again to open all and it only works on folders. Don't right click the folder to begin with and you'll never have to worry about accidentally hitting it.

    Also, it seems to me you are using the speed dial as a replacement for bookmarks. Thats not really what its intended for. I think you would be much better off using bookmarks, which already allow nested folders. You could easily ad a link to your speed dial that goes to the bookmarks manager (or replace the speed dial with it via an extension).