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  • One thing I always likes about opera was the theme. Even before the old "new" theme system that allowed you to completely change the look and feel of opera. I'm just wondering if the current way the theme is set up is going to change or stay the same because what's the point of a theme if the only time you see it is when you are on the start page or inside the settings. Why not have the theme cover over the whole browser like opera 12 or like ever other webkit based browser

  • The theme creator in Opera 19 Developer version is a small step forward — at least we can now select an image to use as the speed dial background. Now we only need an option to change the number of speed dial columns, and select images for individual speed dials.

    I need skins, not themes. It's not about eye-candy as themes are — it's about making the user interface easier to use since I can use a skin with large and colourful icons that are easy to distinguish at a glance. Some users want smaller icons to save space — I need bigger icons (32 pix) to see them clearly, and colours to distinguish them.

    I add custom buttons to run any command that I need from toolbars. All of my current toolbar buttons perform a dual function — e.g. Quick Preferences + opera:config.

  • Opera doesn’t even respect the operating system settings and just forces some copy&paste UI from Chrome onto its users.

    I don’t care about background images, called themes by Opera for no obvious reasons. Real skins and the ability to add or remove buttons are necessary.

  • The theme previews provided by Opera when you try to find anew theme are a joke. All you get it a background picture! Where is the detail about what each "theme" actually includes? There is not even any explanation about what constistutes a "theme". Am I supposed to download every theme and examine it?:down:

  • If you're talking about Opera/Blink (15+), a theme isn't anything more than an image for now.

  • Originally posted by Frenzie:

    a theme isn't anything more than an image for now.

    Not quite true. A theme can contain two different images — one for the speed dial, and another for settings pages, plus you can define the text colour, and positioning of the image. They are working on some improvements to Themes, but Real Skins are what I need, like we have for Opera 12 or earlier.

    Themes in Opera 18+