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Opera mini 9 beta 1 for Android

  • @gireeshakum hello douche please don't post anything anymore........ever...

  • @d-wa bro why u telling don't post anything anymore....I am telling to opera team nt u bro................All android browser have add block but opera doesn't have and my favourite site is nt get loded with opera because adds are popups. ..and it is irritating I telling. .....
    and next opera has nt inbuilt YouTube player it is just like java opera mini........All android browser have inbuilt YouTube player. .........I am telling opera team to add more and more features because all users moving towards Uc because they giving more and more feature just like improved Facebook uploading......first see and tell me........I am telling team to improve browser and u r telling don't add more features then u use old opera and we use new improved new opera..........

  • all that you say is impossible, and it has been impossible from the time opera mini first launched. mini uses a server side compression, so all items that aren't HTML, CSS or passive JavaScript are removed and sent to your phone, and your phone views it. your phone is just a viewer and cannot directly affect the compression (except for things like fonts ).let's think of it like this, mini cannot have web based features unless the server is modified to do those for UC browser, it is nowhere like opera. it includes it's own rendering engine( u3 kernel) and does most of it processing on the phone. that is why it's saved pages can be viewed on other browsers. the server only compresses data without removing anything and the item that can't be compressed aren't compressed. that is why it can features that can use web based features like flash and others.

    the experts here can correct me if there are any mistakes. I am a nobody at this.

  • any other views.

  • ok opera mini team, there is a problem in recent changes made in mini server...

    now when bitmap and single column both are enabled, font looks too much big on many sites like

    Kindly rectify this issue.

  • This guy gireesha.... maybe is mistaking opera mini beta 9... for opera mobile.... use opera mobile bro... we are here because we want data compression.... why would you want to watch YouTube via a browser... and the YouTube app works great...

  • @emmausss valid fact bro, but I don't think that douche would read it. because I know that sort of people..

    They will just compare any product as they like even if it's on a different class and whine about it, use crappy writing, completely ignore long text and response, and act as if they are the innocent.

    It's useless.

  • what Opera Mini really stuck is when loading a page with popup ads.

    I think opera mini need to have user agent option like opera mobile. because many site's mobile view incorporate popup ads thus opera mini would only load the ads page and make it impossible to open the desired page while the desktop view don't.

    some sites with mouse over menu also make things worse, like in dailymail.

    I just thought that we might be getting a higher luck at opening sites on opera mini if we got a desktop view option.

    besides, we can live with desktop view only sites on opera mini all this time already, can't we? and most of the time it performs better. please consider it.

  • I cannot see the Disqus comments section in all websites when using Opera Mini. Please fix it.

  • Im enjoying this beta ln my galaxy pocket neo,fits well with my 3 inch screen and loads pages very fast,so far goin
    grt opera mini team:)

  • Can't install this beta on Lollipop 5.1.... 😞

  • Could you explain me how to add a specific search engine and how to change default search engine?

  • My Site Indian Best Site Opera Mini Bowser Not Open My Site

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