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Opera mini 9 beta 1 for Android


    By the way, you must find a way to create a button for enable and disable night mode in the "O" menu... currently it's a bit too far to reach...

    Cheers, and keep up the good work.

  • Kindly provide Night mode option in the main browser menu.

  • Would prefer if night mode can be black background with white text not just dim the light. And i still can't sign in to my account.

  • Well, Instagram images are not working again. Too bad. 😞

  • Plz upload here itself don't give playstore link. ....

  • Great job, I love the browser but please, please bring back the feed reader like the previous Opera Mini had.

  • Plz add file manager and swipe forward and backward option....and online song or video play.....many more. ...

  • No never add file manager to a browser... it's not a good idea... there are enough file managers in the playstore... you are browsing... why on earth do you need a file manager in a browser

  • bro because changing file to apk......It can only done through file manager......

  • @gireeshakumarm please,
    just download ucweb and GTFO.

  • whoa, hold your horses, mate. why so hurry adding major version number?
    at least get things straighten up first, mainly with the package. I think users will not really keen on having many mini iterations on their device, like myself.

    what about the good old mini 7? be mini classic?
    because from what I understand the data would be incompatible for an update. and new package means importing lots of stuff minus losing feeds list and saved pages again.

    speaking of saved pages, why don't you make a folder on sdcard specially for it? y'know, the one which didn't get erased along with uninstallation and could be imported locally.
    and maybe also to store feeds list and cookies for us to manage it better.
    As I haven't seen any Android browser let user manage stored cookies (I'd like to be able to delete specific site's cookie instead of wipe it clean), you should considering to bring those.

  • @gireeshakumarm you can already rename files in Opera Mini, just tap on the filename text field in the download dialog and change the name to whatever you want.

    @mvtreo if you open the settings dialog you will find "Feeds" under the advanced section. Here you can enable it so you get access to your feeds from the speed dial. Once you've done that you have the same feeds functionality as you had in Mini 7.

  • two UI improvement missing is to keep the address/navigation bar to always show or hide and color theme.

    also I'd like to be able to edit added search engine.

  • I try to view sites. Some sites are viewable but at times others are not. I hope this issue can be fixed.

  • hello sir plz add add block option because adds are irritating me.....and after 10mb downloading it downloads directly 1mb so it takes lot of time so plz do ...downloading after 10mb is same as 10.1 10.2 ...........add in next ver....

  • @gireeshakum hello douche please don't post anything anymore........ever...

  • @d-wa bro why u telling don't post anything anymore....I am telling to opera team nt u bro................All android browser have add block but opera doesn't have and my favourite site is nt get loded with opera because adds are popups. ..and it is irritating I telling. .....
    and next opera has nt inbuilt YouTube player it is just like java opera mini........All android browser have inbuilt YouTube player. .........I am telling opera team to add more and more features because all users moving towards Uc because they giving more and more feature just like improved Facebook uploading......first see and tell me........I am telling team to improve browser and u r telling don't add more features then u use old opera and we use new improved new opera..........

  • all that you say is impossible, and it has been impossible from the time opera mini first launched. mini uses a server side compression, so all items that aren't HTML, CSS or passive JavaScript are removed and sent to your phone, and your phone views it. your phone is just a viewer and cannot directly affect the compression (except for things like fonts ).let's think of it like this, mini cannot have web based features unless the server is modified to do those for UC browser, it is nowhere like opera. it includes it's own rendering engine( u3 kernel) and does most of it processing on the phone. that is why it's saved pages can be viewed on other browsers. the server only compresses data without removing anything and the item that can't be compressed aren't compressed. that is why it can features that can use web based features like flash and others.

    the experts here can correct me if there are any mistakes. I am a nobody at this.

  • any other views.

  • ok opera mini team, there is a problem in recent changes made in mini server...

    now when bitmap and single column both are enabled, font looks too much big on many sites like

    Kindly rectify this issue.