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Disable Direct NPAPI Requests and my Blood Pressure

  • The Adobe Flash/NPAPI problems I have are going to drive me into an institution.

    Fairly frequently over the last couple weeks I continue to have problems with Opera and Flash. To the point where it seems to dominate my computer's resources, pretty much maxing out my CPU. Checking Windows Task Manager show serveral processes being devoted to a file location and "disable direct npapi requests -enable deferred image encoding."

    Disabling them, some tabs, and Flash from Opera's own TM still leads to some dodgy, slow behavior from Opera. I've uninstalled and re-installed Flash numerous, numerous times and I still have this problem.

    It's really testing my patience . Anyone have any ideas?

  • Go into you Opera profile folder and delete any files that start with the word 'session'. There is most often 3 of that. Does that help?

  • I'm not sure where that file location is, I went through all of Opera's file folders and couldn't find any named "session." I'm using the latest version of opera (27, 28 whatever it is.)

    It's astounding how much this is dominating things. I sit here and let things calm down a bit, Processor utilization trickles down into the teens and then as soon as I click on the Opera window the CPU uses surges and I virtually cannot do anything inside Opera. I rebooted into Safe Mode (Windows Vista, here) with Networking and am able to use Opera normally without any problems but this is hardly an ideal way to operate.

    Flash seems to be operating as it should since I can go in and do Flash-related things, watch YouTube and such. Which makes me think maybe the problem isn't entirely there but, then again, when in regular Windows and I check TM it's that NPAPI file that's dominating the processor's percentage of use, so that still leads me back to thinking there's a problem in there somewhere.

  • Go to Opera Menu > About Opera and your profile folder location will be listed there. Go into that folder and look for some files named 'session.db', 'session.dbak', and 'session.db-journal'. Before you delete them, could you please tell us their size? Theres been an issue with peoples session files getting very large (several hundred megabytes) and I think that might be what you are suffering from.

  • They don't seem that big.

    Session: 768 KB
    Session.dbak: 768 KB
    Session.db-journal 16 KB.

    Though when I was in Safe Mode I removed Flash Player, again, so I will re-install it and try it things out to see what happens. If it's like last time I will soon have the same problems. Won't be until this evening as I currently have to head to work.

  • Monitoring the file(s) over the last couple of days, in which I've not closed the browser or rebooted the computer, the "Session" and ".dbak" files are at 5,344 KB and the "journal" file at 16 KB.

    Browser, so far, runs fine, though, pending a closing and re-opening and/or a reboot of the system. It sometimes can get a day or two of good use from the browser before the Flash starts acting up. Will keep a monitor on the situation. But if it's anything like how it's been recently I'll get problems before too long.