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Finally prompted to upgrade 12.17

  • I was finally prompted by Opera 12.17 to upgrade to the "new" Opera today, the first time this has happened since the launch of the new Opera.
    I already have Opera developer 30 installed in parallel with 12.17, so I just switched the notifications off, but I fear this is a sign of the final end of patches and support for Opera 12.
    One thing amused me in the upgrade message.
    "We've added great new features that give you more speed, better desktop organisation and customisation options."
    Are they having a laugh? Good though the new Opera is in its own way, it doesn't have a 10th of the customisation options of 12.17!

  • 12.17 was the last patch for old Opera with Presto and its more that 2 years old. There wasnt any patches for old Opera since 12.17 and never will be. Opera 12 is dead and developers dont care about it anymore.

  • Dave, I need the advanced crap-blocker, and I have it.
    No other browser offers me to block pop-ups and stuff.
    Run plugins on demand, load/not load media, fit to width, private tabs...

  • Its a different philosophy now. Instead of building everything in and having to maintain it, which along with a custom renderer was causing them all kinds of headaches, they have a robust extension system now. The 'widget' system of 12 was a joke and pretty useless. Now any kind of feature to you can think of has the opportunity to be built in. In some cases the extension is better than what was built into 12. Ad blocking and sessions being an example. Adblock Plus and Session Buddy blow away the old built in systems.

  • Well I'm not sure about AdBlock Plus, I've read a few dodgy things about that, but I use AdBlock on 12.17 and it works very well, even though it's not supported on 12.17 any more.
    I agree about the widgets, they were a bit of a waste of time, proper extensions are much better, and there are plenty of them for 12.17 of course.
    Maybe that's what they meant by "better desktop organisation and customisation options", extensions, because they certainly aren't built into the new browser!
    I'm not saying that they should be I hasten to add, as you say it's a different approach now, for better or worse.