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help with "your preference files cannot be read"

  • I use Windows Vista and Opera 27. A day or two ago I routinely ran CCleaner. Since that time every time I fire up Opera three annoying things happen: (1) A message pops up midscreen saying "Your preference files cannot be read" (2) Opera opens first to my home page and then to a second (unwanted) tab that says Opera on top and has the Google search bar in the middle and (3) It leaves several Opera notes on my PC's desktop.

    Can anyone describe a method of making these three things not happen?
    I hate to give up Opera after all these years but this is a major annoyance.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Have you tried reinstalling it?

  • Careful with cleaning tools.
    You should (have) address(ed) their detailed preferences/settings first. CCleaner has been reported of not having a clear understanding of the (current) Opera browser.
    Your preferences files must've been corrupted. In any way you should do backups before running registry cleaning like that.
    Now reinstall is an option...

  • One would have thought that a reinstall would eradicate the problem. It did not.
    I uninstalled the three Opera programs my Control Panel showed (Opera 10, 12, and 28).
    I reinstalled Opera 28 and as soon as it fired up I received the exact same message, my home page tab and an Opera tab opened, and Opera Notes appeared on my desktop.

    Still open to suggestions.

    It seems like the developers have really created a mess.

  • When you ran the uninstallers did you make sure to check any boxes that confirmed you would like to delete your personal data or bookmarks or anything like that? If the uninstaller leaves your profile folders intact it wont correct the problem. Personally I would recommend you install Revo Uninstaller and let it have a go at your system. Also make sure to reboot the system before installing Opera again.

  • Worth a try since this is a pretty big annoyance.

  • Thank you for the help. Using the Revo Uninstaller and doing the reboot and all solved this issue.
    I appreciate your time and expertise.

  • I have had this problem for about four weeks with out being able to sort it - used the 'Revo' Un-installer as recommended by 'lando243' and did the full deep un-install which has completely cured all the issue.

    Well chuffed with this blog!