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  • As opera portal closed early before March 3 I was unable to save a list of what was available on opera portal. The opera portal was a nice featured start page and had useful settings. Is there a list of what was available on opera portal so I, and others, may replicate this somewhere else? What about unite? I found the older versions of Opera more useful and user friendly. I hope the old features will be restored.

  • +1

    I really miss the panel... I started to use opera because it was inovative and proposed different stuff than the others (like the "heart function" ) and it is sad to see stuff disapear and make opera more like chrome...

    besides the above mentioned Bookmarks, Downloads, History, Info, I loved the notes where you could simply paste something you wanted to keep in mind for a while.

    I also loved the old function of having the tabs on the side since nearly no web site used the entire width of a non smart phone screen.

    I would even push to introduce the "tab goups" again (you could merge tabs together), but I would suggest you would have all your tabs of 1 group open on the top but you could switch between different groups of tabs in the panel (or the other way around). It would be kind of having different windwos open but you would be able to handle them through opera and don't have any problems of closing windows and loosing tabs

  • [quote]You can have notes by this Extension: Opera Notes extension
    If you don´t know, how to handle it: I have created a .nex-file for simple installation. If you want you can download it from here: notes.nex

    To install: drag&drop it in the Opera Extension screen. You can also import your notes from Opera 12 by copy the content of your notes.adr and insert it in the Notes Extension > Options.[/quote]

    .nex is just for opera? because i think this kind of extension format they were investing to be supported for all the browsers

    I am a panel fan. I hope it back.

  • link is to the old forums and I don't manually install extensions from a random dropbox account

  • "Chromium's UI light years behind true Opera's intefrace. Opera UI was a configurable, sleek and extremely fast(with minimal response time). I doubt that Chropera will ever be on par with Opera in terms of usability and UI's elaboration".

    But they are light years ahead in website page rendering!

  • But they are light years ahead in website page rendering!

    so I hope they improve the UI

  • The panel was a nice option, but I wouldn't want one if it slows the browser. So even if you could do it, the questionis: how would it affect browser performance. Maybe leave it to developers to offer an extension for those who want it. That's assuming it's feasible. I mean features are nice, but sometimes there's no free ticket. Everything has a cost. Until we know the cost, we don't know if it would be worth it.

  • Leonmcg,

    You might be interested in the dockable sidebar that they are working on. It's in beta as an extension for Chrome.

    And here are a couple reviews.

    I think it would be too risky to try it at this point, but it's worth following. Opera can use Chrome extensions, so this is a possibility. Anyway, sidebars could well come back.

  • Hmmm, I'll check the extension 🙂

  • I miss so many things from the old Opera browser, but I guess my favorite features was panels (and the possibility to show your tab bar on the side of the screen...)

    I have an 16x10 display and when I'm surfing the web at home, I'm usually just doing that. I don't have another window opened that I want to arrange side by side with Opera. (It's a different story when I'm at work, but I can't use Opera at work anyway)
    Because a usual website only uses about 50% of my available screen space, I loved the Opera features that actually made perfect use of the additional screen space:
    -Having panels as a side bar (especially for showing information about downloads)
    -Show tabs on the side as thumbnails

    This is nothing an extension could solve in a way Opera 12 did.
    (Having panels back would even blend in great with the additional extension availability, if it would be possible to have a panel page for each extension...)