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  • Google lead me here. With what Firefox is doing with XUL I've been getting worried about losing my treestyle tabs and would love this feature as well. (Also wish the side bar behaved a little closer to how treestyle tabs do, but that's a story for another thread)

  • It really would be a great improvement to switch off the default horizontal tab bar. I've no idea why a side-bar tab interface replacement, appears to be so resisted by browser development. With wide, short screens, it's a massive user interface improvement for anyone that wants screen height to be used to display page content, rather than controls.

  • wow, has any attention been given to this at all???

    as a long-time user of Opera, this is one feature i miss very much...

    actually, the tab bar used to be movable to any of the 4 sides of the screen...

    let's have that again... please!

  • Idea:
    Between "View" and "History", make a new "Tabs" menu as a new way to access all open tabs in the front-most window.
    Include "Hide/Show Tabbar" under the View menu.
    Leave it to add-on developers to create new improved interfaces to select and manage tabs.
    Yay, problem solved.

  • Idea:
    Between "View" and "History", make a new "Tabs" menu as a new way to access all open tabs in the front-most window.

    There is already a tab menu, close to the minimise button.

  • +1 to the request to be able to hide the tab bar. Come on dudes differentiate yourself from the chrome crowd.

  • and waiting... again...

  • me too

  • Please let us hide the bar. Or just let us move tabs to the left side like Vivaldi. Better to leave it to the add-ons though.

  • so what? still waiting for the option to hide tabs bar? at least add some option in the opera:flags, please...

  • Please, still waiting for this.

  • we hope for this needed option!

  • Pleease Opera guys! We really hope for this, it is ridiculous there is no decent browser with decent vertical tabs. The vertical tab is pretty nice, but it's annoying to have such a waste of space in the UI by being force to look at those horizontal tabs as add this one option, and then Opera is truly perfect!

  • It would be really cool to Auto-Hide the Toolbar. In order to show the toolbar again you would move the mouse to the top of the window and the toolbar would slide down. (Similar to how Safari handles Toolbar Auto-Hiding)

  • Bump

  • Bump

    There is no need for bumping things here in Suggestions Box, specially after so little time from last reply. Bumping it two or three times in a year is enough.

  • How about auto-hide bar like auto-hide mode of Windows task bar?

    In hide mode of tab bar and full-screen mode, it will be good to switch tab by right click and scroll like old opera

  • All we want is side tabs and maximum vertical space. Why is it so hard for browsers to give us this simple obvious feature? First Chrome gave it and then took it away. Then Opera gave it and then took it away. Guess I'll try Firefox Quantum...