Opera Mini Free Internet !

  • hey guys,
    I am from India, and here I buy a plan with 1.5 GB data + unlimited facebook from my operator.
    So with this plan when I use opera mini I get unlimited data, No matter what I download it never costs me nor the data gets deducted from my account. It might be a error with my operator. but it works only in opera mini. otherwise data gets deducted.

    So, Now I want to know how opera mini connects to internet.. I mean the server it use and other settings so that I can try to get free internet in pc aswell. 😛
    can you tell me server and other information used in Opera mini ?

  • Your operator thinks that Facebook account is used instead Opera Mini, check with sync on\off just to be sure. I'll recommend you to install Opera Max and use a full browser, perhaps it's a bigger flow on demand. Opera Mini can't provide free internet, your are in zero zone and that's it.

  • unfortunately Opera Max isn't available in my country

  • Try m.opera.com/max/test

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