Can the Share menu for Opera go by the most used apps?

  • My current share menu is ordered in this way:

    Messaging / Bluetooth / Hangouts / Keep / Google+ / Copy to clipboard / Android Beam

    and so on. I have never used the Messaging, Bluetooth, Keep, Google+, or Android Beam options. I use Hangouts frequently, as well as Messanger, which is 15 down the list. Fifteen!!

    Many apps sort by your most used selection. It makes no sense to sort the share menu so arbitrarily.

    I would love to see this fix!

  • Agreed... there's a task for that. WAM-5915 though it's internal so you can't see it unfortunately. Also suggested here

  • Good to know it is being worked on. I use the share feature very often and this has always been frustrating. I look forward to it being fixed! 🙂

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