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Web RTC Block extension not working.

  • I have installed WebRTC Block version 1.0 extension and Download Chrome Extension version 22.3 I have Private Internet Access VPN installed. When I go to it continues to show Opera 28.0 has "Leaking Web RTC requests". This means my VPN is useless for Opera. This problem is in my Opera browser not my VPN.

    Does anyone know how I can fix this? I installed this extension in Chrome and Chrome no longer shows Web RTC leaks.

  • WebRTC simply may not work with Opera, even with the Download Chrome Extension. I don't have a solution for you.

  • The WebRTC extension recently stopped working in Google Chrome also. I found a Opera extension that does the same thing - "NoScript Lite" blocks WebRTC leaks in Opera 28.0 With my VPN connected Opera passes the test at

    However, NoScript Lite has some limitation in function. I am still learning how to use it. Even after whitelisting in NoScript Lite - I had to disable it to reply to your post.

    Like I said I am still learning to use NoScript Lite.

  • Ok now I have NoScript enabled and can post a comment or reply. I needed to whitelist

    It is very easy to use, right click on the icon and a plus symbol (+) to add a site to the whitelist.

  • On android devices If I set opera://flags/#disable-webrtc to enable then that's enough. Opera for Windows is flagless? Sorry for my stupid q. 🐈

  • Hello sagrid,

    No question is ever stupid (just some of the answers, like this one). Just to see what would happen I copied your - opera://flags/#disable-webrtc into my Opera address bar. I was taken to an Opera page that said "experiments - careful they can bite" it listed 115 items none were WebRTC.

    WebRTC Block very recently stopped working in Google Chrome and Opera browser.

    If your Android device can access it is a better version of "what is my ip address" and should tell you if WebRTC leaks, at least it does if someone is using a VPN service.

    For example if I am connected to my VPN and I use Opera to check WITHOUT Opera's NoScript Lite extension the WebRTC leak will be indicated and my true IP Address will be shown.

    With NoScript Lite my VPN's IP Address will be shown, my true location and identity will be concealed.

  • Yep, ipleak is first hit with google perhas based on demo. I've got WebRTC channel open since 03242015 1800 EET with Telekom RO ISP more exactly. 😃 Indeed Opera Max VPN can't hide the real ip even if Opera IP is forwarded as localhost (HTTP on top) in which case 2 IPs are forwarded + extra local IP. Firefox got samething like peerconnection in about:config so 'peer' or 'websocket' (can't work without them) are the next keywords in flags. Opera should provide about://webrtc URL (or such) as a switch.

  • Yes, Mozilla Firefox users can actually turn off the default WebRTC functionality directly in Firefox settings by typing ‘about:config’ into the search bar and browsing to the ‘media.peerconnection.enabled’ option and setting it to FALSE. I have done this in my Firefox.

    With my VPN connected I cut and pasted your link ( ) in Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera and Chrome. Only Chrome displayed any IP Addresses (2 different IP's for Chrome) all the others showed blank spaces without any IP's listed at all.

    On my VPN forum I found this statement - "This doesn't affect OSX or Android users, seemingly just Windows users." Referring to WebRTC leaks. I am not sure about that statement.