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Why I can't use netflix over opera?

  • I bought a smart tv and I want to install netflix, but I can't find it.
    Please help!

  • Hello,
    we do not currently offer NetFlix in the Opera TV Store.

  • Dear kpotocki,
    Could you please be a little bit more forthcoming and let us the paying customers know the time scale of when we can expect to have Netflix,Plex and Kodi available in the Opera TV store.Also I would like to see some Australian content available please.
    I have just paid a lot of money for a new TCL Smart TV only to find that I cannot use it in the manner which I envisaged straight out of the box,as a result I am not entirely happy.

  • I Agree here, I have just bought a TCL tv, and would like to view 4k content via Netflix. I have been in contact with Tcl who arent a lot of help. They are giving me mixed messages about netflix coming to TCL.
    I would like to know when Opera Tv will be getting better apps otherwise this tv really is just a big monitor and will have to wait for a 4k media streamer to become the OS

    I want NETFLIX on opera tv,

  • can someone from Opera please give us the information we are asking for!!

  • Hello all, I am as well very disappointed about not being able to download Netflix. My question is, do you know which could be the app in Opera that is similar to Netflix? Thanks in advance

  • Since my last posting on April 24 a fair bit seems to have happened,I was going through the Opera store the other day and found that there were a number of new apps available one of which was the URL Loader.I was excited and downloaded and installed it but when I picked up the alpha-numeric TCL TV remote and attempted to key in a URL nothing happened.I then emailed an address given on the Opera website only to receive a response telling me that this email address is not used.You have to ask what on earth is going on,both Opera and TCL are very sparse with any information.
    After giving it some thought I will plug in a USB keyboard on the TV and see if I can enter some text into the URL and see if that works,here's hoping.
    How about some of you folks having a go at these problems so that we can all help each other and also how about we really drive both Opera and TCL with a stick up their behinds to give service when we need it,they take our money quick enough but then do not give us the backup which we deserve and have paid for.

  • I just purchased a Samsung Blu Ray player with the Opera TV store on it, my URL Loader does nothing when I put any valid address in it. I have checked I am updated on my software. Disappointing that I can not use this important app, I am considering taking back the play and trying the Sony Version next.

  • If you have an hdmi cord you can play netflix through your laptop on the tv.

  • I have Akira Smart 4K Ultra HD TV and I have been trying to cast my Netflix to the TV but it keeps on saying "connecting to device"...

    On my TV I have opera store which doesn't have Netflix... It is very strange, please make Netflix available... I want Netflix!!!! On opera store TV!!!

  • Hello, I bought a Smart Tv (Hitachi) for just one single reason: NETFLIX, and I cannot find it in the Opera Store!!
    Please solve this! I think everyone should be having this same problem, I cannot understand why you do not currently offer it!

    Thank you!!