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Adblock (Adblock Plus) cause freeze when open Youtube

  • Hello! Ive encountered the problem: Opera freezes for a few seconds after opening Youtube, and the Task Manager shows that Opera load one of CPU cores completely when freeze happens. Ive figured out that it begins when Adblock or Adblock Plus extension is enabled. My PC is running Opera 28 on Win 8.1 x64. I`ve also tested Youtube on my tablet with Win 8.1 x86 and saw the same problem, but in the notebook with win 8.1 x64 it works fine. Does someone saw this problem too?

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  • So, disabling adblock fixes it? Try removing adblock and then reinstalling it.

  • Now I use my PC at work, and it is also affected by this problem. So, it is present in 3 of 4 computers that I have tested. I have tried to reinstall Adblock, but it didn`t helped.

  • I'm using Adblock Plus here and I'm not running into the problems you are experiencing. But, just to be clear, when you remove Adblock the problem goes away?

  • Yes, if I remove or disable Adblock, Youtube opens without problems.

  • One more thing: problem goes away if I logout from my Youtube account. I think that freeze may be caused by loading subscriptions panel on the left. Apparently, Adblock somehow interacts with subscriptions list which leads to freeze.

  • Strictly speaking this is a problem with your adblock extension, not Opera. The only thing I can think of is that something on YouTube has been added to the black list of your adblocker and its borked the site.

  • You are right, there is something wrong with Adblock, not Opera. The same problem present in other browsers (Chrome, FF). I have switched to "uBlock" extension which works very good.

  • it all depend on which browser you are using why dont you watch this video