Ineffective Browsing With Opera 28

  • Hi,
    I am Joseph White Wolf, using opera 28 for nearly two months now. But since the past few days, the browser has become unusually slow. At times, a message saying “out of memory” pops up while surfing and the browser shuts automatically. Watching YouTube videos is also inconvenient because it runs extremely slow. The websites are taking a considerable amount of time to load which is proving very irritating. Is anybody facing the same problem? If yes, then please give me helpful suggestions?
    Joseph White Wolf

  • What OS are using using? How much RAM do you have installed?

  • I've noticed a pretty large slow-down the last couple days too and a lot of Flash problems. Checking Windows Task Manager I see a lot of memory being dedicated to Opera.exe, dpi settings, disable direct npapi requests, enable deferred image decoding. I know NPAPI is becoming less and less supported and PPAPI being the way to go, I sort of suspect this has something to do with it. 454,000K is being dedicated to these various "disable NPAPI requests" processes, that strikes me as a touch extreme.

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