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Very Old Retired Programmer... How Do You Bookmark All Open Tabs?

  • I'm a Very Old Retired Programmer.

    Due to some hard drive rearranging being currently done on my workstation, most of my apps are unavailable and I REFUSE on general purposes to use MS IE since v6.0.

    Because I couldn't use my preferred browser [name withheld], I downloaded Opera to do some much needed research.

    Well I have found all the info I needed but now have over 200 tabs open spread over five(5) or more open Opera windows.
    I can't find a why to just right click and select 'save all open tabs to bookmarks' or how ever Opera would put it.
    I'm differently NOT new to working on a computer, I used to program on a couple of AT&T UNIX systems and was the Systems Administrator on a couple as well. I have been using MS-DOS since v3.3 as well as almost every version of MS Windows there has been and I'm currently using Win8.1.


    Somebody Please take pity on a Very Old Retired Programmer who has paid his dues, been there, done that and even has the free MS-DOS 6.0 Launch boxed copy & the T-shirt in the closet somewhere.

    With Regards
    Evil Dave of Canada

  • I know of two ways to do this, none ideal at the moment. The first way is to right click an open tab and click 'Save tabs as Speed Dial folder'. That will save them but not as bookmarks. Later, when Opera 29 comes out, you'll be able to move that folder from your speed dial to you bookmarks proper. Not great, I know, but the whole bit is still a work in progress.

    The other way is using Session Buddy. Its an awesome extension. It allows you to save open tabs and windows to open later whenever you want. You can open anything however you want from a saved session. A single tab, a window or the whole lot of them. It also saves sessions itself every once in a while in case something crashes. First install 'Download Chrome Extension' then and have a go. The icon will appear in the upper right. Its a blue and white box. You won;t need to restart to install either of these extensions.

  • :yes: :cheers: 🆙

    Thank You Very Much!!!!!!!!!!!

    That worked beautify!

    I can import SessionBuddy's exported HTML file into my preferred browser once all my hardware work is done.