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Opera 28.0.1750.40 browser gets more laggy over time and videos are choppy

  • Hello,
    I've been using Opera browser for years and when Opera changed to Chrome engine, everything was ok except for one major problem.
    My Opera browser starts to lag over time. When I watch videos on youtube using the HTML5 player, the video images freeze for a while at random parts although the audio still plays perfectly. Videos still play perfectly with the Flash player so I cannot use the HTML5 player on Opera. When it gets worse, the browser's responsiveness decreases. For example:

    1. When I click on a textbox and start typing, it takes a while for the cursor to appear and the text to appear.
    2. When I hover over a link/button, the cursor takes a while to change to the 'hand' cursor.
    3. When I roll the roller on my mouse to scroll a window, it would freeze a while before it scrolls.
      When I first installed it, there were no such problems and everything ran smoothly. When signs of lag started to show, I tried enabling/disabling the hardware acceleration option in the setting, enabling/disabling the opera plugins, switching on and off some extentions etc... but nothing worked.
      The only way to solve this is to uninstall and then reinstall Opera browser. This is impractical because if this is the only fix, I'd need to reinstall my Opera browser every few months.
      My operating system is Windows 8 x64.
      Does anyone know what's causing this? Please help.
  • Try this:

  • Thanks! It works!! BTW, could you explain how deleting those 3 session files in the profile folder fixes this?

  • We're not really sure. Only as small group of people experience this problem. Most don't. Those files are used by the 'Continue where I left off' setting and act as a kind of session saver. The problem people seem to be having is, once it get above a certain size, their browser bogs down.

  • I see. Is there any setting in Opera that can limit the size of those sessions? Like limit the period of the sessions saved so that those files stay at a minimal size?

  • Not that I know of. I just turn it off and use a full featured session manager like Session Buddy.

  • How do I turn it off?

  • Make sure 'continue where I left off' is not checked.