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Opera 12.16 not working with

  • In the past week, probably due to some behind the scene changes at's site, Opera 12.16 is not dealing with this major auto news site properly on a Win7/64 box:

    - photos on its home page do not load
    - the comments area for individual blog posts is largely broken - sorting option (by oldest/newest) no longer works, and clicking on the "more comments" button to see more comments on a post just dumps you back to the home page

    Together these bugs make using Opera for this site unworkable. Any fixes out there?

  • Have you tried the site in a different web browser? Such as IE, Firefox? What type of behaviour do these exhibit?
    I've not visited the site, so can't say anything definite, but you could try masking as IE or Firefox,
    with the site loaded at the home page, press F12 key to bring up the Quick Preferences menu, then select Edit
    site preferences. From this dialogue box, choose the Network tab, and towards the bottom, select one of the masking
    or identify as options. Then click ok and see if this helps.

  • Thanks Wizard - tried those options and reloaded the page, no difference in behavior. In either Chrome, FF or IE the site works fine.

  • can confirm the problem. not sure we will ever see a fix though 😞

  • I have just tried the site in most versions of Opera from 12.15 back to 6.12 (in Linux) with a clean profile (8 and 7 version not inclusive) and most pictures (especially on the right hand side) failed to display. One thing i did notice, is that all the pictures that never displayed were all '.gif' files. But Opera supports .gif's. Strange, very strange.

  • The web-site designers simply ignored 12.x support.
    You can try to mail their administration or design team. But they will likely recommend you "upgrade" to the latest version (Chropera).