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Closing tabs - alternate keys for different closing styles

  • Hi! Is it possible, either directly within Opera or using some extension, to have multiple tab closing schemes? E.g. while closing a current tab, I would like to determine which tab to activate by pressing a different key: CTRL+F4 to activate the last active tab, F6 to activate the left tab, F7 to activate the right tab (all of these also close the active tab, obviously). I have been trying to find this functionality, but it seems that I can only have one tab-closing scheme active at any given time. It seems that even custom keyboard shortcut extensions won't help me here, because they require that Javascript be turned on for all pages, which is not acceptable for me.

  • In the latest version of Opera 29, which is a testing release and has some bugs, you can reassign keys inside the Opera Settings page. So, if you are willing to put up with some problems to be bleeding edge you can have them. Be sure to read the docs first though. If you don't want the hassle of a testing release you'll have to wait until those features make it into the stable channel.

  • Unfortunately, it seems that while I can provide two shortcuts for a Close Tab action, I can't use a single shortcut to call two actions (that's how it was done in Opera 12) and there isn't a separate action for each closing style 😞

    But hopefully this will get added eventually. It's great that keyboard customization is available at all.

  • There are shortcut macro programs out there that do just this. I use a similar thing for my mouse called 'X-Mouse Button Control'. I'd hit up google and see what you can find.

  • But I was able to manage it using AutoHotKey. I am not quite happy with the result, but it works, approximately:

    	SetKeyDelay, 20, 10, Play
    	SendPlay, 1 ^`` ^{f4}
    	SetKeyDelay, 20, 10, Play
    	SendPlay, 2 ^`` ^{f4}

    Except that it fails rather horribly if an editbox in the page has a focus. But presumably that could be handled by first setting the focus somewhere else (not sure where yet).

    (I forgot, it requires the Classic Tabs set so that after closing, the last active tab gets selected.)