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Terrible Youtube lag (Opera 12.16)

  • Anyone run into problems with Youtube lately? I've suddenly experienced it today with ver 12.16. It seems Youtube has had a (yet another) lay-out change, and it's probably what's causing it.

    Basically, whenever I load anything Youtube Opera stops working, as in, it doesn't respond in a few seconds, and then goes grey and Windows says it's not responding. It takes another few seconds for it to respond again. This doesn't happen all the time while Youtube is open in another page, but periodically when I do stuff on Youtube.

    Never gotten this before, so it was a strange discovery.

  • Having the same problem since the redesign today. Freezing on every single page I go to.

  • Yeah, freezing's probably a better word than "lag". 😛 And it actually happens all the time, not just some of the time. Youtube is unusble in its current state. I wonder how these things happen.

  • Seems to be working fine here, Opera 12.14 (32bit) on Linux.

  • You are not alone, I'm having the same issue (Opera 12.16).

  • Embedded videos or whatever they are called (on other pages) are fine, though.

  • Same here.

    The lag is caused by YouTube's new layout JavaScript.
    This may be because of bug or because Opera 12 JS engine is just a lot slower than FF for example.
    Sadly it's not possible to use YT with JS turned off.

    I hope we will find a solution to this because I don't want to switch to other browsers just yet.

    EDIT: I'm quite sure it's a bug because people on high-end machines are also lag when opening YT pages.

  • Any solution yet? A good percent of my use of Opera is focused on YouTube 😞

  • Yep, youtube freezing while loading sidebar content, seems it depends on subscribed channels count, playlists etc.
    If you log off or block (this will remove sidebar on "/watch"-pages) - all works fine.

  • I'm using YouTube exlusively with Opera (real Opera) because of this extension, which captures direct links to the video data, and allows to save it or pass to a media player for comfortable viewing in full screen. No other browser allows me to do this.

    The site is slow as hell on a 1.6 GHz CPU, but not so much slower than the rest of the web. It hasn't frozen for me yet. Uploading occasionally failed though.

    I'm not sure what the sidebar is. I got 11 subscriptions, which generate some recommended channels, recommended videos. Playlists and history appear at the top of the page when I click my name.

  • <— This is the sidebar. I have ~200 subscriptions and opera just freezes during loading all that stuff

    Okay, I didn't like that list anyway :3
    Add this as user CSS:

    #guide-subscriptions-container {display: none;}
  • Oh I see, you mean the menu that comes down when clicking the "≡" button. (Which looks like what we had in MS-DOS programs, like dos navigator, lol ...). I can confirm that the main page of YT is extremely slow to load (before the menu is clicked even). I hadn't loaded it in a while, and was going to the site from bookmarks, such as the now mostly defunct inbox or subscriptions. Videos are about as quick as before if browsing is started from there.

  • Originally posted by 2slow2handle:

    #guide-subscriptions-container {display: none;}

    Worked like a charm. Gj.

  • Originally posted by 2slow2handle:

    Okay, I didn't like that list anyway :3
    Add this as user CSS:

    #guide-subscriptions-container {display: none;}

    That did the trick, thank you 🆙

  • I'm dumb. And also bring back the true Opera experience to "Opera" 19

  • Originally posted by 2slow2handle:

    <— This is the sidebar. I have ~200 subscriptions and opera just freezes during loading all that stuff

    Okay, I didn't like that list anyway :3
    Add this as user CSS:

    #guide-subscriptions-container {display: none;}

    Thanks. It works.

    Quick tutorial for newbies:

    1. Right-click on YouTube
    2. Edit site preferences...
    3. Display
    4. Create a file with path said in My style sheet
    5. Add this to created file

    #guide-subscriptions-container {display: none;}

    6. Save

  • Originally posted by 2slow2handle:

    Okay, I didn't like that list anyway :3
    Add this as user CSS:

    #guide-subscriptions-container {display: none;}

    Thanks! I was logged out a moment and the front page didn't freeze - it still is "laggy", though. Scrolling isn't smooth like on other web pages, but at least it works. I have ~100 subscriptions. Yeah, nothing lost in not having that sidebar there.

    Thanks, v1vil! 😉 I, for one, did not know that.

    I'll add that you may have to run Notepad as administrator (right click on Notepad, select 'run as administrator') to be allowed to save to the styles folder in Opera.

  • Glad I found this thread, because this was driving me round the bend!
    Every time I load any YouTube page, the browser (Opera 12.16) is freezing for about 30 seconds.

    I've tried the User CSS fix, but it's not making any difference, so I just want to check that I'm not doing anything stupid.

    I opened Notepad, and pasted the string -

    "#guide-subscriptions-container {display: none;}"

    into it, (without the quotes, the forum seems to mess it up without them, removes the # and makes it large and bold!) and saved it as youtube.css in my Opera\Profile folder.

    I then used the site preferences in YouTube to set this file under the "Display" tab to be "My style sheet".
    Restarted Opera, absolutely no difference whatsoever!
    Any idea what I'm doing wrong?

    What's with a forum with no smilies BTW?!

  • Ah, OK I fixed it after a bit of research, which I should have done in the first place!

    I didn't realise that it wouldn't work unless "my style sheet" was ticked under "author mode".


  • Cheers gentlemen.

    This youtube freeze thing got so irritating I started to look into why the new version of Opera I had used at work had turned into just like every other browser that doesn't have vertical tab stacking (apart from having it as an ugly tumor like extension designed by a programmer).
    I wasn't happy to find out about what has become of my beloved browser that I had used for 10 years now.
    Needless to say, when they add the next button (great for browsing pages with multiple pictures) and vertical tab stacking they can have me bite the bullet and downgrade to chrOpera. My job involves in me having multiple browsers and one opera where I keep my tons of tabs for multitasking. But until they get their chrOpera together to even half of what 12.16 is I'll roam the internet and find you smart guys who can help me patch up this old friend and keep it running nice and smoothly.

    Again, thank you.