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No Home Button No Customization = Junk

  • You're on the way out what went wrong?

  • I don't need the Home button but I sure don't like the lack of Preferences customization. I guess this is for the people that just use hand held gadgets and don't know or care about being able to control their machines. "Put that camera/tablet/smart phone on Easy and forget it. We'll take care of your needs, but not your wants since you don't know what you want since you never knew there was a difference." seems to be the way of the computer programs and programming these days. Wow! I can't even block Content anymore nor can I block cookies from Facebook or Google. I have them blocked but they sure showed up in my cookies, just like Safari's lack of being able to truly block cookies. Firefox will block Google and any site's cookies I tell it to. Hmm.... this is important to privacy and it seems Opera is dropping the ball like Apple. Tsk, tsk Opera for taking all this control away from us users that know about privacy and what we want on a browser. Well I'm not loyal to anyone but my family now since no businesses seem to be loyal to customers, just the bottom line.

  • no preferences in opera28 how to set home page?

  • To Dan, the first responder to this post...

    I stand now applauding you for saying all you just did, all that I too am saying into the great controlled web. You rock. Thank you for speaking out.

  • Unfortunately, many software companies today seem to have the arrogant "we know what's best for you" attitude, and will continue to do so as long as the end users put up with it. Microsoft had to learn the hard way when folks started downgrading to Windows 7 because Windows 8 was so horrible. They tried to walk it back with the 8.1 "upgrade" which simply downgraded W8 by "sort of" putting back the features that everyone was ticked off about. Then they FINALLY figured out, DUH...., why not ask the end users what they actually want and let them in on the development end so they might have a chance to release a product people will actually LIKE.

    OPERA's developers might need to experience the same lesson. I only just "upgraded" to this horror show because I got a new 8.1 laptop, and couldn't get the Flash plug in to play nice with Opera 1217x64, because you can no longer make the stand alone version work. Surprise, surprise! No customization, no home page, no choice in how the browser opens, no synchronization, YOU CAN'T EVEN MASS IMPORT BOOKMARKS FROM THEIR OWN OLDER VERSIONS!!! WTF????

    So I too now have the older version for doing everything but watching videos, which is hysterically ironic since the new version is supposed to be the wave of the future. What a joke.

  • no preferences in opera28 how to set home page?

    You can't, but there is a perfect extension for that: