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  • Hi again, it's been years since I've posted anything here but here's an issue that I'd like to see resolved. I switched from Windows to Zorin OS 6 [Multimedia edition] [based on Ubuntu 12.04] about 4 months ago. One problem I have with Opera's Linux version is that there's not enough contrast between the right-side scroll bar & the "handle". The "handle" is only slightly lighter than the scrollbar & isn't defined by dark lines. I couldn't find a way to change the scrollbar/handle appearance in any of Opera's tools. Is there a way to change this or any chance that the next version of Opera will remedy this? Thanks & regards!

  • Which desktop do you use? Opera tries to determine your desktop's theme and match it, though I've seen it come out poorly in some specific cases. The way to override that - other than changing your desktop's theme - is to change the "Dialog Toolkit" to 4 to make Opera ignore your desktop completely. If you do that (and restart Opera), then the "Interface Colors" section will become active and you should be able to change it to anything at all.

  • I'm not sure which Ubuntu/Zorin OS desktop I'm using [my internet service is down for repairs temporarily so I'm using a computer at the local library] although I found another Opera theme that shows the scrollbars & buttons better, I'd like to try tweaking the Diallog Toolkit. How can I access it? It appears to be an Opera tweak but I couldn't find it. Thanks.

  • Go to opera:config. I'm not in Linux right now and can't actually look up the section - but you shouldn't need to either. Just start typing "Dialog" into the quick find. Valid settings are 0 (default), where Opera will try to determine what is running on your system and use that, 2 to alway use Gtk+ (the toolkit used by Gnome, XFCE and many other desktops), 3 to always use KDE 4 (if it is installed), and 4 for the "no toolkit" setting (for a window manager that doesn't use any toolkit, or if you wish to run Opera from a command prompt when X is not previously running - you would have to start X to run Opera, but not the whole window manager and desktop as well).

  • Thanks, that solved the problem. I'm back at my own computer & made that change I can use the scrollbar again as well as the mouse scroll wheel. Regards!

  • If you want some more control over it, have a look @ 😉