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Uninstall Opera from iMac OS 10.10.2

  • I wish to know how to uninstall Opera from my iMac, running Yosemite. Additionally, I'd like to know how to be sure all related files are gone.

    Please advise.

    Thank you.

  • Sorry to see you leave us. Hope to have you back as a user some day. :yes:

    Any files left behind by Opera is not actually ever used by any other application. So you can safely ignore them. If you really want to remove everything you have a few options:

    You can drag from Applications into App Cleaner’s window (not endorsed by Opera, but I’ve used it personally for years).

    Or you can delete the following paths manually:

    /Users/<you>/Library/Application Support/com.operasoftware.Opera/

    Or you can delete everything by running this command in the (type very carefully or copy directly):
    rm -rfv ~/Library/*/com.operasoftware.*

  • Thank you so much for answering my post!

    The performance of Safari, Firefox, and Chrome have all been bumpy since I installed Yosemite -- with no improvement after updating to 10.10.2. Chrome has been the worst, Safari the best of the three.

    Tho' our internet provider says traffic should not impact our use, I believe everything works reasonably well at 2am, horribly around 10am and 9pm, and so-so during miday.

    After updating all software... cleaning up cookies, caches, and history from all browsers... keeping unused tabs closed as much as possible... keeping background apps to zero or one... and eliminating extra startup items... I saw little improvement.

    The ONE activity that seemed to smooth things out a little was putting all of my desktop files into one folder. It sped things up a little.

    During my continuing search for ideas to improve my Mac experience I happened upon your Aeyon blog. It caused me to think about trying Opera, which I did. I find it to be a lovely browser. It is attractive, easy to use, and not cluttered up with ads. Best of all, it was not constantly trying to trick me into putting information online that I have no interest in sharing.

    Opera, however, has one habit that cut short my interest in learning to use it fully — it pops-up a splash that asks me about using information on my keychain — over and over and over. Aaargh!!! The last thing I need is another annoyance to try and avoid.

    I have a 4GB iMac. When I get more memory or a newer computer or Apple debugs Yosemite to a useable level I will, no doubt, try Opera again. I think it is classy and, in Steve J.’s favorite terminology, “elegant.”

    FYI: To aid in my quest I purchased CleanMyMac. When I put the big O icon (the Opera app) into the trash, CleanMyMac came up and gave me this message, "You have attempted to remove an application by simply moving it to Trash. Would you like to launch CleanMyMac to uninstall the application correctly, along with all of its related components?” It gave me 3 choices: Settings, Cancel, and Launch CleanMyMac. I chose the last one and the next screen showed me what would be taken out. It listed the same items that were on your post so I opted to let it do its thing and — voila! — gone.

    Again, thank you for your quick and thorough answer.


  • I am a new user myself, so I can't guarantee my exp is better than anyone else's. But I think, when Opera asks for permission to access keychain, you can choose always allow to avoid repetitious questions for that webpage in the future.