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Opera 19 only error "Unable to connect to the proxy server"

  • Just out of the blue Opera 19.0 stopped accessing most sites with error "Unable to connect to the proxy server".
    I was just reading text on URL, clicked to the link in text and got this error "Unable to connect to the proxy server",
    After that previously open tabs also couldn't refresh content and result is same proxy error.

    Known sites still accessible are, and my local ISP webmail portal. But any Google search result is not accessible with Opera.
    In fact there is no Proxy configured for any browser
    But MSIE and Chrome still doesn't have any problem accessing all sites.
    Cmd pinging URL or ISP works normally

    I did several restart - to Opera, PC and to router, but no remedy

    Windows XP SP3

    Any ideas what's going on?

  • Today, next day when returning to this PC, which has been running for 22 hours unattended, the Opera internet access is fine again without any restarts. Just out of the blue all previously opened tabs, which since yesterday displayed "Unable to connect to the proxy server" can be now F5 refreshed to normal content again.

    In between no one hasn't touched password protected PC and MSIE and Chroma didn't have any problems yesterday.
    Therefore I believe it's Opera 19 bug or something.
    Anyway I don't feel comfortable with Opera 19 version. It's difficult to get used with missing key shortcuts and etc.
    Appears that at home I still run happily Opera 12

  • Again similar problem. The site can't be accessed with Opera 19 while Opera 12, MSIE and Chrome doesn't have any problem opening it.

    Error on blank tab page:
    Connection refused:

    There are 12 more open Opera tabs of other sites which can be opened and refreshed normally.

  • Same problem! I´ve been using Opera for a long time and this is the first time it is giving me a bug. I think I will go back to Google Chrome unless they fix it.