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Connection refused to QnapTS412

  • I have recently upgraded from the stable version of Opera browser to the "next".
    Previously, I could connect to my Qnap without any problem.
    Now, I get the response "connection refused".
    Can this be corrected or should I uninstall this version of opera and perhaps try the developer version or the stable version again?

    Your assistance will be appreciated

  • I have recently upgraded from the stable version of Opera browser to the "next".

    Whas is a "next" Opera? Which version? See opera:about.

  • I have to turn Turbo off in order to connect to mine (just in case you have it on).

  • Theres no reason to use Turbo unless you are on a very poor or metered internet connection.

  • A QNAP is a Network File Server in local LAN.
    Opera Turbo is useless, and can not work because Opera Turbo proxy can not connect to local IPs, for local LAN connections. ;)

  • I don't know if the previous two posts are directed to me or the OP. If to me, I understand that the QNAP cannot be accessed while in Turbo mode, just as I understand why Turbo allegedly exists (I have a metered connection). I made the suggestion in case the OP had Turbo enabled for perhaps the same reason as I.

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