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Extensions, settings, almost everything gone after CCleaner

  • So I used CCleaner to get rid of cookies, history, cache, etc. and when I launched Opera again I got a pop-up message with something like this: "your preferences file is corrupted and opera is unable to recover your settings" and it seems everything but bookmarks and speed dial is gone.

    I've been tweaking the browser for several weeks now, had several extensions (including the kind that saves data, like "to-read later"), etc. and I'd like to know if there's any way to get something back if not everything.

    The OS is Windows 7 x64, Opera 27.0.1689.76 and CCleaner v4.04.4197 x64. I ran CCleaner with the following options ticked: Internet History, Internet Cache, Cookies, Download History, Recently typed URLs and Website Icons.


    EDIT: I took a look at the profile folder and found that there's a file named "Preferences.bad" which must contain my settings, I opened it with notepad++ and it seems that way.

    Does anyone have any idea how to proceed if possible to restore at least my extensions? In the folder named "Extensions" there're only 22 sub-folders + "Temp" but I think those 22 are just the extenions that got imported from Opera 12, all of them disabled and mostly incompatible with the new Opera...should I assume CCleaner really deleted all the working extensions and their data?

  • Add an extension, close Opera and run CCleaner again to check the result. That's how you'll discover whether it was the culprit.

    Anyway, you should update CCleaner, you can't expect old versions to be compatible with newer software versions.
    If the issue persists you must report it to Piriform.

  • CCleaner is known for wiping user data in Opera...

  • In the future, remember that CCleaner is a very powerful tool and as such, it can do major harm to software setups or even an OS if used without understanding what it's pointed at. Never use it or any other cleaning tool to remove files or registry entries without an understanding of which files are being removed and why. If you can't tell what the file or reg key involves, either find out first (Google) or refrain from removing it.

  • CCleaner is known for wiping user data in Opera...

    Nope, up-to-date versions were working fine last time I checked.