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security certificate pop-ups annoying when ONLY reason for https is avoid cleartext password

  • I'm not talking about giving a site with unresolved certificate issues a "padlock" In-fact I'd recommend an obvious "broken padlock" or some such thing. But there are a number of public help forum sites on which No sane person would regard any entered content to be "secure data". But which choose to use https (which allows users to login without broadcasting their forum passwords in clear text.) making it more difficult for {derogatory descriptor deleted} to use other users accounts for spam and other inappropriate postings...

    For example, I sometimes use And their certificate is broken. But since anything posted to the forum becomes publicly accessible, they are likely to respond to any user request that they spend the time and/or resources to fix the certificate because Opera nags the user again every new session by suggesting that firefox will allow me to make a permanent exception...

    For a site like that, what I'd like would be the ability to tell opera to not nag me about this particular broken certificate unless it {or it's status} changes. IE if the certificate is already "expired" when I tell Opera not to nag me then it's continued "expired" status shouldn't trigger a nag box.
    Though I'd hope that opera would store enough data on the certificate to advise me if something actually changes...

    But as it is, as much as I'd rather use opera, I find myself trying to remember to use firefox when I'm likely to go there.

    Am I missing something?

  • Originally posted by jtwdyp:

    Am I missing something?

    That it's majorgeeks problem and not Opera's ?.

  • Originally posted by LinuxMint7:

    Originally posted by jtwdyp:

    Am I missing something?

    That it's majorgeeks problem and not Opera's ?.

    I'd agree that it's majorgeeks website managements fault. But unless they use Opera, they don't have a problem with it. It's Opera's users who are stuck with the problem...

    I read somewhere that it was posible to download and install to opera, even "untrusted" site certificates, but that when that was implemented, it was specificaly chozen to not allow expired certificates... Sites like majorgeeks are not trying to maintain a truly secure site. Most likely they only ever bothered to get any kind of certificate at all because they wanted to use SSL encryption for password entry. And as long as they can recomend a mainstream multi-platform browser (such as Firefox) that doesn't have a problem with it, they are unlikely to care much that Opera insists on forcing their users to confirm that they want use the site anyway every aplicable browser session.

    This is actualy more agravating than the way I have to "edit" ** MY ** default search engine's {startpage} "default" status every opera session...

    Add the two together, and it is starting to become painful to continue to use Opera as my prefered/default browser. And ** THAT ** is certainly ** NOT ** majorgeek's problem.

  • What i did - i've configurated custom mouse gesture to close annoying window with middle mouse mouse (single click on nag window):

    Edit you mouse setup, in Advanced -> Dialog section

    [b]button3[/b] = [b]Focus next widget & Click button[/b]

    Now use middle click on nag window to auto accept certificate.

    You can also set the custom keyboard shortcut (Space, for an example)