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Superfish test warning and certificates check

  • Hi,
    the superfish test on
    gives a warning for Opera Coast on iPad mini.

    "YES, you have a big problem - even if it's not Komodia.
    Apparently no certificates checks are happening. That's BAD. Anyone can intercept the connections you make.
    This might be due to the browser you are using (if it's not a major one) or to software you are running, like PrivDog."
    End Quote.

  • Can somebody comment, if opera Coast is checking certificates or not, please.

  • Yes, it does. When you visit this website you should see a warning which shows Poor Safety. "This site may try to defraud you. Be careful."
    If you want to see more about security of current page, tap history button in lower right corner and tap the bar below page thumbnail. You'll find a lot of useful information here:)

  • Opera Coast approaches safety differently from other browsers as it does not show overall encryption status separately, but considers it as part of a whole. For example, broken encryption is much worse if you are viewing your bank account than the website of ​a​ local ​restaurant.

    Opera Coast will warn you when something happens that may try to deceive you or expose sensitive information​. If your connection to your bank suddenly breaks or weakens, the app will step in and make sure you're aware of any potential danger.

    ​In the particular case of, Opera Coast interprets the page's security to be right between poor and good.​ The page loads untrusted elements, but it does not ask for a password or other sensitive information. If the page did ask for personal information, Opera Coast would warn you that it is not safe. Or, if the user came to this site from a trusted and safe source (i.e. not Google or other search engine), the app would also warn you.

    We are continuously working on Opera Coast's security interpretations and will refrain from loading unsafe elements in future versions of the app.