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  • I have the Opera 19, where all book marks and saved pages go to the speed dial. When you press and hold on a speed dial a bin appears at the top of the screen, and you are supposed to glide the speed dial box up to it for it to disappear.

    Mine doesn't work? I've saved 3 pages that have grouped together in one speed dial box, and when I drag it up to be deleted it won't. Most of my speed dials won't delete.

    Is this a bug in my Opera, or is this happening to anyone else?


  • It works normally here, are you dragging it up to the "Remove" text in which the Speed Dial entry is highlighted in red indicating it'll be deleted if you drop it there?

    Does it highlights in red? Visually, the Speed Dial entry vanishes there but isn't removed or does it jump back to its original place?

    What phone model are you using?

  • Hi,

    Yes, when I drag it over the 'remove' it goes red and so does the word remove and the bin, but when I flip it up to disappear, it just bounces straight back to it's place. All of them do this. I can't delete any of them.

    My phone is a Sony Xperia SP.


  • Doh! just found out how to delete them, and where I was going wrong.

    Innstead of holding the boxes over the 'remove' and letting go, I was trying to flip them out of the top of the screen.

    While I'm here, and before the forums close down, could you help me with another problem please? When I first downloaded the Opera 19, there was no animation, which I was relieved about, as I hate all those smilies on posts on forums dancing about, but all of a sudden they started to! It's so annoying as I like using that Opera on forums as it's fast.

    Is there anything I can do to stop it? There's no settings for it, infact the settings are even more sparce than the Opera mini. There isn't even an option to change the font size.

    When I had the old Opera classic I used to go to 'opera:config' but it doesn't exist anymore. I went to 'opera:flags' but didn't understand it.


  • I get it! 😛

    First, actually these forums won't close, they'll just move to another address outside My Opera probably in a better format.

    I bet the lack of GIF animations is linked to the Off-road mode. Currently Off-road works as if it is Opera Mini inside in the stable Opera for Android, what means enabling it will make the browser to not render those animations. So, if you enable it the animations will be gone, but you'll also notice most of JavaScript will too and compatibility problems are likely to appear.
    You can use it, but don't take it for granted as they're experimenting with a new compression method in the Opera beta for Android that's possibly replacing the Mini level of compression in the near future, and it's less aggressive in order to maintain more compatibility, better user experience with full JavaScript and other animations in sites so the page isn't reloaded in every click like Mini does, to remove the need to login twice between Off-road on/off, etc...