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Where are the good functions gone?

  • I have used opera for many years and upgraded regularly.
    I have used win XP all the time and everything have functioned well, see after, but now win XP semms to be too old and is not upgraded and I hade to buy a new PC with win 8 an innstall opera there last version.
    But to my disappointment it is very very worse.
    I cannot get my lots of bookmarks into a big treestructure and I have MANY bookmarks of all I read every good contact and firm i find, every bit of text I like has been saved into a good sorted treestucture. And now I can only get in a very few, they take up alot of space whith a big line of each in a list, and now child folders. The text is confusind in the menu, it is not structured so taht it is easy to find, lots of lines and words and no firm orderly structure. Editing the list is hidden so than one has to try and search to find out.
    It has still got the good startwindow whith quick finds. But the top menu that was easy to read and find has disappeared, instead it has small icons and words scattered around and not easy to find.
    What has happened? What do I do?
    I see that chrome has a good bookmarkstructure but I wanted to use opera with a norwegian origin and a very good user profile. I have used firefox, but I find it a bit vulgar. Opera hars been sober, practical always on the side of the users. Has Microsoft gotten to you and turned your head round believing that funny, pictures, believing that users cannot think is the way ahead? Excuse for the last sentence but I am so frustrated. Is it possible to find alle the good things still somewhere?

  • If you want old features back, try Vivaldi 😉
    In Opera the will never switch back to wishes of past user community.

  • There are dozens of posts about this. No need to open another one.