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  • Hi!
    I use Opera 12.17. When on 100% scale (not more!) my screen gets to wide - slide bars appear on the right and below. What settings and where am I missing? Could it be my video card?
    Thank you.

  • What web pages is this happening with? What is your desktop resolution?

  • It happens with all web pages. It doesn't happen when I use IE, for example.
    The resolution is, I think 12.. x 7.. - I can't say exactly because I'm in a different location; but it's the maximum resolution, and smaller resolutions result in black fields around the image.

  • Can you please take a screenshot of this issue and post it here? You can link the image directly using Markdown. You can find a link with info on how to use that at the bottom of the page.

  • Here's the link

    Problem is it doesn't rebuild the text when I go wider than 100%. There's definitely sth wrong I can't properly describe.

    Maybe a\I should go lower than Opera 12.17?

  • What is your desktop resolution? It seems very tiny to me. When I visit slightly over 1/3rd of my screen is blank space. The portion on the right side of their page, which is cut in half in your screen shot, its only just to the right of the middle of my screen. The 1024x768 desktop resolution is a pretty old standard (also called XGA). It dates from 1990 and was passed up in most ways about 15 years ago. To put that into perspective, High Definition is 1920×1080 and even it is getting passed up these days.

  • It's 1280x1024, and it seems best my video card can do.
    My video adapter is called Intel(R) HD Graphics, and my monitor is called "Universal monitor Pnp" (as translated). Could the problem be with them?
    This is a new though cheap PC I bought. On my much older one I didn't have this video resolution problem.

    P.S. Strangely I don't get email updates to the topic although I'm subscribed to ones.

  • Are you sure you maximize the browser?

  • That is not a modern screen resolution. Its a 5:4 ratio (very narrow) and basically a strange version of XGA called SXGA. It could be because your PC is cheap that you are stuck with it or it might simply be misconfigured somehow.

  • So if this is not an opera-specific problem, can I ask you where to look for a solution?

  • I'd look up the specs of the computer you bought. It might simply be that its shit and thats all it can manage. You might also try updating your graphics drivers to see if that unlocks more resolutions in your display control panel.