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Opera 27 font rendering; fonts too vivid and bright

  • Opera 27 is an excellent browser and a wonderful iteration for a browser I've been proud to be using for over a decade now. It's faster, sleeker with great new features and overall I love it. However there is one particular issue that is preventing me from making the permanent switch from Opera 12 to Opera 27; the font rendering engine.

    Here's an example of fonts rendered in Opera 12:

    And here is a similar image in Opera 27:

    Now initially I thought the fonts looked superior. However extended use of the site in those images in addition to other sites I frequent makes for a serious strain on the eyes. The fonts have devolved from being clear and exact to far too vivid and bright. It's like there's a blur effect placed over them with their brightness being amplified by an order of magnitude.

    As I said I'd love to make the permanent switch because Opera 27 is excellent and most importantly much, much faster than Opera 12. However the font rendering is just making the switch impossible.

    I thought DirectWrite was the issue so switched it off; the issue remained. Is there a workaround for this?

  • I'm getting used to the fonts now. Though they're quite bright and vivid in some instances they're actually clearer and easier to see on the screen. I'm assuming Opera's switch to the Chromium rendering engine caused this?

    Also I've gone back and forth between using DirectWrite and switching it off results in a vast improvement. It'd be great if in future releases of Opera there was the ability to switch between different font rendering engines.

    If anyone has anything to add such as useful advice about this I'd appreciate it.

    1. Install Stylish from
    2. Add UserCSS with name SharpFonts and the Code
    * {text-shadow: transparent 0px 0px 0px, rgba(0,0,0,.6) 0px 0px 0px !important}
    1. All new opened webpages will have fonts more readable
  • It looks like they took ClearType and ran a "filter" process over it a hundred times more. Interesting find, though, I've never noticed it. Although I mostly stay away from Chromera.