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Opera Mini 8 beta 4 for Android

  • "preinstalled" speed dial icons are coming back, no matter how many times i delete them (like google+, main site of telenor...)

  • Thanx for bringing back feeds I don't think I will be going back to classic mini now. I hope next update fixes the fonts, they still look big even when I change to small in settings. I'm using a Samsung Galaxy Pocket Neo.

  • Before beta 4 I able to use opera mini8 now after update 4 install properly but not open fores galaxy y I509

  • It doesn't show the icons of bookmarks and history sites as in Opera Mini 7.6.4. Fix it. Also, the font size is slightly larger even when it's set to small.

  • Hi,

    We have some known issues with the Speed Dial right now. One thing is that you can get back Speed Dial entries that you've already deleted. Another thing is that the special items (Bookmarks, Saved Pages, Feeds) can move around and behave unpredictable.

    This was because of a major change that landed right before the last beta, but we're working on fixing them. Thank you for your patience. 🙂

    Opera does not load any website. Even the saved pages imported from Opera Mini Stable.
    Sorry for my english

    Could you add some information about your device? We haven't been able to reproduce this issue here.

    mini 8 android wants email for bookmark sync. but i have mini 7 and i can login and sync via my opera forum username. how to sync mini 8 with opera forum user name so we can get opera mini 7 online saved bookmarks??? can anyone help?
    mods seems too busy and they dont reply to their users

    The old system called "Opera Link" is not compatible with the new syncing feature, but you can use the same login credentials if you like. You can access your old data on

  • I cant even download a single pic when I update this latest update.. How?

  • wow, this update sure is sweet!
    feeds is back baby!

    but one question: how could I disable the "swipe down to reload"?
    because I think it useless considering when we scroll up the adress bar show up along with the reload button.
    we even don't have to reach the top of the page.

    as far as I can tell this function brought by android lollipop is pretty much garbage on every application that isn't a social media, so implement it in opera mini only equal annoyance.

    and please give option to disable the autohide on address/tabs bar. that's the thing I really want you to do all this time guys.

  • but one question: how could I disable the "swipe down to reload"?
    because I think it useless considering when we scroll up the adress bar show up along with the reload button.
    we even don't have to reach the top of the page.

    You can't disable it, but we will tweak it in an upcoming update. However, you should only get it when you reach the top of the page. Please file a bug through Settings - "Report a problem" if that's not the case.

  • It will be interesting to find out why Opera Mini proxy doesn't forward OS TCP/IP info beside UA and 'Pike v7.8 release 517' via javascript, in fact that field is blank from some time. Besides, TCP SYN packet signature has syn/max_segment as 10/1 ratio with 0 scale via socket and that feels stupid. Checking and

  • Is there any way of turning off off-road mode?

  • opera mini beta am sure doesn't have off-road mode... it's already a mini...
    this beta has become my browser of choice.... in a few updates it will totally replace the classic mini

  • opera is out of creativity
    this 8 interface looks like dolphin browser's
    the clean and simple look and feel is proper tho
    I wish they could offer a simple exporting of old data to the new sync thingy

  • dear sir
    the rss feeds are not loading properly

  • Hello.

    The beta is looking good....

    But is there a way to view my data usage for the current session like in the old mini? It was a neat feature.

    And where is the page title? It was useful.


  • hey me on this opera mini beta 8.0.1759.88920 for android is stopping me from accessing my gmail accounts........after i log in am getting an error from google telling me that my accounts have been disabled but if i use some other browsers like all my pc browsers, (mozilla, opera stable, IE and chromel) everything is working fine, the same applies with my mobile browsers, ( Opera Browser, Opera mini classic, and is only the beta version that is giving ne headaches
    Beta is a nice browser with a nice interface and i would love to have it as my main browser
    Help needed here

  • Bug?
    I'm unable to select text on certain pages like etc..


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