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*Google search* no in classic view anymore.

  • Recently I have noticed that can't watch the site in the cache option on the Google search due to lack of access to Google search in classic (desktop) view - only mobile Google search is accessible. As far I can recall the last time I used Google-cache was last week. Nowadays, for 3 days my OM connects with mobile Google version although I tapped on the "classic" sign at the bottom of the page.
    Anybody experience something similar?

    via OM

  • Good to know that someone actually noticed.

  • Thanks for the response.

    Originally posted by dirgas:

    Good to know that someone actually noticed.

    Just now I tried to convince myself that it was just my problem and post here something like this;
    **Apparently there's no one else who experiences issues with accessing cache content on the Google search (classic) site using Opera Mini.

  • Nope, it's everywhere, that's the beauty on a thin client, works for you as it work for me and everybody else only that nobody cares.

  • That's not a comforting what you wrote but if the facts present just so, then it's high time to use other solutions. 😕

  • You can use the gCache bookmarklet from to view the Google cache of any page

  • i prefer using address
    just added the link that you want to read it's cached version.
    for example , if you type , you'll brought to it's mobile version. so just try to go to , that gives you great result.

  • Sorry guys I'm just on the go.

    Thank you all for your support in this topic. Okay, using your links I can open the given page in the Google cache viewer but the issue I have posted about lies on the reverse side (if I can use this term) of the topic,
    how to view cache of a page directly from the Google search page.
    For example I'm looking for something and I get results on Google search, with most of these results the cache option is given which I can use to, eg not to directly connect to these sites.
    Therein lies the whole point. I just want to see the page and do not connect to its site.
    Until last week I had no trouble with this, the Opera Mini was opening a Google search page in classic view with easy access to the cache version of the listed pages.
    From the five days it's no longer possible and this is the essence of the problem in this thread.
    Ps: 'gCache' it's not working for me.
    Ps 2: sorry but I don't know what's going wrong with the bold type - can't change it right now.

    **Edited:**I managed to improve bold type in the proper portion of the text - it was OM-editor fault.